30 Day Success Formula is having issues backing up their marketing claims.

The Better Business Bureau launched several inquiries, but no response from 30 Day Success Formula yet.

30 Day Success Formula is not BBB accredited and currently has a F rating. Reasons for F rating:

  • Advertising issues found by BBB
  • Length of time business has been operating
  • Failure to be transparent about ownership, location, or products/services offered

30 day success formula bbb f rating


Read below from BBB website:

This is not a Wisconsin corporation according to the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions (WDFI.org). 

The three locations for this business (2310 S Green Bay Rd Ste C # 228, Mt Pleasant WI; 4623 75th St # 4-205 Kenosha, WI; 6508 S 27th St Ste 9-166, Oak Creek, WI) are all UPS stores.

On April 4, 2019, BBB reached out to this business regarding claims made on the website and a direct mail flyer sent out by distributors. The business did modify their website and the flyer following contact with BBB. The advertising was changed on May 6, 2019. The website and the direct mail flyer have the same content. However, BBB reached out again regarding new claims made on the website and direct mail flyer:

– Simon Petrowski is listed as the co-owner and director of this business. BBB has had no prior awareness or contact with Simon before this was advertised. BBB requested contact information for Simon.

– The business provides various testimonials from some of their customers. Testimonials should depict the typical experience of those using products and services. BBB requested customer references and/or earnings data from a sample of the business’ customers.

– The business claims to have an average 3% response rate for leads. BBB requested substantiation for this claim.

– The business claims to have a “second to none reputation in the marketplace for making sure members have their correct commissions every time.” BBB requested a source for this claim.

– The business claims to have “real products.” BBB requested more information about the products.

– The Level 5 product claims to offer “20X your income.” BBB requested substantiation for this claim.

– The Level 5 product claims to offer “Fast Track Credit Repair” services. BBB requested more information for this provider, including licensing/registration.

– The Level 6 product claims to offer an “80 Paydex Score for your corporation, and a $350,000 funding capacity.” BBB requested more information.

– The Level 7 product mentions an offer to purchase a “Done-For-You Online Store.” BBB requested more information.

– The direct mail flyer mentions an “iron-clad 90-day, money-back guarantee.” Advertisers must clearly and conspicuously disclose guarantee information prior to a sale. BBB requested more information on this guarantee.

– The website and flyer appear to provide an anecdotal comparison between the business’ earning structure and a “conventional business” structure. BBB requested substantiation for the numbers used in this comparison.

– The direct mail flyer includes an earnings statement, but is very brief and only addresses one potential earnings claim made in the document. Many other claims made in the advertisement are not covered by this statement. Advertisers should consider FTC regulations, including the Business Opportunity Rule when making earnings claims. BBB requested a more thorough earnings statement.

– The direct mail flyer has several statements with an asterisk, but the disclaimers the asterisks are referring to are not located on the flyer. BBB requested more information on these statements.

– While the business’ name is “30 Day Success Formula,” BBB could not find any information in the advertisement referring to a 30-day period. BBB requested more information about why the business is named this.

As of June 7, 2019, the business has not responded to BBB’s requests.

Link to Full Article: https://www.bbb.org/us/wi/oak-creek/profile/multilevel-sales/30-day-success-formula-0694-1000032705



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