BitCreek Wallet Scam Review – Beware

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BitCreek Wallet Review Summary

BitCreek Wallet Scam Review – Just another crypto scam wallet that does fake trading. BitCreek Wallet is a recruitment mlm ponzi scheme designed to siphon your bitcoin in exchange for their shit BCWT token.

BitCreek Wallet Scam Review

BitCreek Wallet Scam is yet another 100% PONZI – BEWARE DO NOT JOIN this garbage.

Please read this BitCreek Wallet Review. Is BitCreek a scam? Is it legit? Yes it is a 100% crypto wallet scam.

BitCreek wallet is a ponzi crypto wallet app that supposedly does external arbitrage trading for you and pays you passive returns of up to 30% per month by holding their ponzi shit coin in their fake crypto wallet.

What makes it a BitCreek scam? It is just another Fake Crypto Wallet are where they make you buy their ponzi coins with your bitcoin. It is complete artificial demand and they can manipulate the price at anytime. The BCWT token will never be listed on a real crypto exchange, only their own controlled internal exchange.

The domain was privately resisted at Namecheap for only 1 year and expires on June 14, 2020.  This usually means is it a scam, as they will not even last 1 year before they pull an exit scam.

Who are the BitCreek Wallet founders/ceo’s/developers? They do not publicly list that info on their website: “Bitcreek’s co-founders and senior management team comprise experienced professionals from Asia’s fintech, marketing and cyber security sectors.”

If you company is in need of improving their security at you will find a company will plenty of experience in securing physical hardware, managing cloud risk or developing a security strategy mapped.

I did manage to find some info on the founders on one of their power-point presentations. George Oliver is listed as the founder and Albie Felix is listed as the co- founder.

I could find no additional information on these two at all anywhere on the internet, and those pictures seem fake.

Jaseer Hamadan is listed as the CEO. Jaseer says he worked at AMEX, HSBC, Lloyd’s Bank and but now moved on to designing trading platforms.

I could only find his twitter page with 34 tweets, its a new profile with the first tweet on Sept 8, 2019. Obviously recently created for fake credibility. His twitter states his location is in Malta.

According to their facebook page, their launch party took place in Malta in a small room on October 7, 2019. Looks like a quite the launch party LOL!

The BitCreek whitepaper is not much of a whitepaper, but more of marketing document but at the end, there is a roadmap.

BitCreek Wallet Features & Claims  

  • Hold your Crypto coins to earn upto 30% monthly Profit
  • Arbitrage Trading with World’s Top Exchanges
  • 100% Referral Bonus up to 30 Levels Deep Bonus & Rewards
  • Air Ticketing tax & Hotel Booking
  • Prepaid Cards to withdraw money anywhere
  • Target price to hit 10$ in the start of 2020
  • Best Token with Potential to raise 200x in coming years
  • Only Solution to Store your Coins Safely
  • Store Generate BCWT Tokens, Withdraw your Coins anytime

They also claim to be a decentralized wallet, even though you do not own the private keys, so they have access to your wallet and can shut it down or steal your crypto anytime.

BCWT is the name of the token

BCWT token price is at 0.10$ (Sept 2019)

– No real proof of trading like they claim that generates the ROI.

– ROI is generated from recruitment only

– They are paying now yes, as all scams pay at the start, then the ponzi scheme will collapse, doing a runner with everyone’s money, just like Plus Token, BITCONNECT, Usi-Tech etc.

– Its a phone app, all they have to is pull the App down and POOF they disappear along with your money.

– They have their own crypto coin, MLM and crypto do not mix. 30 level deep comp plan what??

– They make you buy their shit coin, control the value, in exchange for your bitcoin

  • They manipulate the price of the token as they see fit

– Their BCWT token is a garbage mlm coin that will not hold value and will not ever be listed on a public exchange

– The BCWT token coin has no real world use. Only used to siphon your bitcoin.

– Just another Crypto MLM ponzi scam! DO NOT JOIN, unless you want to LOSE YOUR BITCOIN.

Bitcreek Wallet Products

BitCreek has no products, it is simply a ponzi scam, money game.

What is the minimum deposit for BitCreek Wallet?

You can deposit as low as 1$, but in order to earn from Arbitrage trading, you need to hold at least 200$ for 30 days.

BitCreek Wallet Compensation Plan MLM

– Pays up to 30 levels deep with 100% matching bonus with ranks

BitCreek ranks, the more you recruit and the more your people recruit, the higher your rank and additional commissions paid.

T2 > Get 3 T1’s on 3 separate legs to get additional 10% to infinity till you are cut by another T2

T3> Get 3 T2’s on 3 separate legs to get additional 10% to infinity till you are cut by another T3

T4> Get 3 T3’s on separate Legs to get additional 10% to infinity till they are cut by another T3

BitCreek Wallet is a Scam.

It’s pretty obvious, even by just visiting their website, that there is a huge focus on recruiting, as ROI is driven by recruitment only and not by arbitrage trading. They need fresh new sucker money to keep the ponzi a float.

They are hoping the commission junkees and ponzi pimps will jump over to BitCreek for the 30 level compensation plan, so they recruit all their gullible downlines who think these scam wallets are legit.

Once recruitment and hype slows down, the ponzi will come crashing down, as they all do. BitCreek will be unable to pay returns and commissions. When this happens, you will not be able to withdraw and your bitcoin will be gone forever.

BitCreek Wallet is just another clone of PlusToken, Cloud Token, Exxa Wallet etc and there will be more fake crypto scam wallets launching all the time now.


BE SMART – Do not join the BitCreek Wallet Scam!


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