CoinBit Pro Review – Scam or Legit?

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CoinBit Pro Review Summary

CoinBit ProReview:  Just another bitcoin mlm program, border line cash gifting scheme, where you must pass up many sales.  Commissions are paid in bitcoin. Products are weak.

CoinBit Pro Review

coinbit pro review

Are you looking for current CoinBit Pro review? Is CoinBit Pro a scam or legit? I got you covered…  I’ll review the details of this MLM program including the products, the system, the owners and the compensation plan in this CoinBit Pro review.

What is CoinBit Pro?

CoinBit Pro is bitcoin mlm program started in South Africa where you must pass up sales.  Commissions are paid in bitcoin. Coin Bit Pro products are digital training in the crypto-currency niche.

Who are the owners?

Coinbit Pro owners are:

  • Luciaan Godfrey – also involved with, another similar bitcoin commissions pass up mlm
  • Aaron Civitarese “Civi” – involved in EXW-Wallet ponzi scam
  • Astone Davids
  • Bradley Murray

Coinbit Pro Review Products:

Coin bit Pro main product is online courses that offer information on Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Trading starting from very basic to a more advanced level.

Crypto Intro Package – $350

  •  Introductory Course
  •  Marketing System, Sales Videos, Lead Capture Pages
  •  License To Resell

Crypto Pro Package – $1000

  •  Advanced Trading Course
  •  Marketing System, Sales Videos,  Lead Capture Pages
  •  Live Trading Webinars/Q&A’s
  •  License To Resell

The CoinBit Pro Compensation Plan

CoinBit Pro compensation plan is a Reverse 2 Up, and you will also pass up every 5th sale. This means, you will pass up your 2nd sale,  4th sale and every 5th sale after that. That’s a lot of pass up sales!

It pays 100% commission in bitcoin only for every person you recruit. For each new sale, you can earn $250-$800.  You will also pay and admin fee of $100-$200 per year. You can not join or promote or earn with making a purchase.

  • Crypto Intro . Cost $350 in bitcoin – $250 to affiliate and $100 for annual admin fee.
  • Crypto Intro . Cost $1000 in bitcoin – $800 to affiliate and $200 for annual admin fee.

You have to purchase the level that you’re selling, in order to get paid the commission on it.  Otherwise it passes up to your sponsor. 

Do I recommend Coin Bit Pro?

No, I do not recommend CoinBit Pro, its border-line cash gifting mlm model with so called “Digital Training” products that are not worth their price tag. 

The compensation plan is not that good, as you will also pass up many sales. The reverse 2 up comp plan is over done and there is nothing special about it.

Maybe, if you’re a good recruiter, with a good social following and a responsive targeted list, you might make some quick cash. Otherwise I would pass on this opportunity.

CoinBit Pro’s popularity will soon fade, and the so called “leaders” will be pumping a different opportunity next week!

You are much better off to Hold your bitcoin in your wallet.

That’s it for this CoinBit Pro review, thank you for reading this CoinBit Pro review!