Crypto Ponzi Schemes List

Crypto Ponzi Schemes List  – Bitcoin Scams

Crypto Ponzi Schemes List

The following is a list of bitcoin scams and crypto ponzi schemes list that are currently operational and who have already scammed out. Most of these are crypto scams or HYIP scams..

These crytpo ponzi schemes claim to generate external ROI from trading or mining, or some other made up story, yet not one of them shows real verifiable proof or evidence. ROI is simply generated from recruiting new gullible investors only. Once the hype and recruiting slows down, the ponzi scheme collapses and the operators do an exit scam with all your money, and there is nothing you can do to get your stolen money/crypto back.

From the SEC: 

A Ponzi scheme is an investment scam that involves the payment of purported returns to existing investors from funds contributed by new investors. Ponzi scheme organizers often solicit new investors by promising to invest funds in opportunities claimed to generate high returns with little or no risk. In many Ponzi schemes, rather than engaging in any legitimate investment activity, the fraudulent actors focus on attracting new money to make promised payments to earlier investors as well as to divert some of these “invested” funds for personal use.
More info:

Crypto Ponzi Schemes List – Do not join these bitcoin scams!

  • SoftTradeAI
  • FOW Business
  • Kangot
  • Artis Innovations
  • Smartway
  • Clicx Ads
  • CT Passive
  • My Passive Trades
  • Mirror Trading International (MTI)
  • PurchaseSharesOnline
  • Epex Unity
  • HyperCapital – HyperGroup
  • HashFinders
  • Mind.Capital
  • TorqueBot – Torque Trading Systems
  • Sports Trading BTC
  • Jubilee Ace
  • Success Factory
  • CMMT Revolution
  • GX Bitcoin Brokers
  • Crypto Pros
  • Sticky Likes
  • CMMT Revolution
  • TradeXLine
  • Coinfinesse Group – Coinfinity Reboot
  • EXXA Wallet
  • EXW-Wallet
  • S Block Wallet
  • MyBitcoinTube
  • Cloud Token Wallet – changed to Cloud 2.0, good luck with converting your tokens to real crypto!
  • Cloud 2.0
  • Cash FX Group
  • F2 Trading Corporation
  • Perfect Wallet Funds
  • EFX 2.0
  • CannerGrow
  • OmegaPro
  • Omega Best
  • Skyway Capital
  • SWIG ( Skyway Invest Group )
  • KaratBars
  • Mining City
  • Futurenet
  • CycleOne – Scammed out Dec 2019
  • BitCreek Wallet – Scammed out Nov 2019
  • Plus Token Wallet – Scammed out Aug 2019 $3 Billion
  • L7 Trade – Scammed out Sept 2019
  • FX Trading Corp – Scammed out
  • Elite Fin FX – Scammed out
  • – Scammed out
  • Passive Wealth Coin – Scammed out

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