Daily Binary Btc Scam Review – 100% Ponzi

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Daily Binary Btc Scam

DailyBinaryBtc.com is nothing more then another bitcoin ponzi mlm scam that will exit scam. Do not join!

Daily Binary Btc Review

dailybinarybtc scam review

Is Daily Binary Btc a scam?

Daily Binary Btc Scam?…Yes, we can safely say it is a ponzi scam with 100% accuracy.

How do we know DailyBinaryBtc is a scam?

There are many red flags that appear. I will list the most common below:

  • No proof of trading or external ROI
  • ROI is from recruitment only
  • Pays a daily fixed percentage amount
  • No information regarding who the ownership is
  • Newly registered domain
  • Domain privately registered June 2, 2019

What is Daily Binary BTC?

From their website: “As a wholly owned subsidiary of VirtuKoin, Daily Binary BTC is the latest global cryptocurrency asset developed specifically for creating bitcoin wealth.”

When looking up VirtuKoin, which nobody has ever heard of, we find out the same thing, VirtuKoin.com domain is newly registered on June 4, 2019, 2 days after the DailyBinaryBtc.com domain name was registered.

On the VirtuKoin website, their address is listed in the Philippines. They specialize in Customer Service, Program Development, Training, Secure File Services, Virtual Management and Virtual Assistants. Not sure that has anything to do with Crypto Currency, trading or DailyBinaryBtc?

VirtuKoin’s website produces errors when trying to reach their ABOUT and CONTACT pages,  and also has no ownership/CEO information whatsoever.

DailyBinaryBtc.com claims its ROI is achieved via Trading. Here it what they say about their “Trading”:

Trading bitcoin is no different than trading stocks. The formula is simple: buy low, sell high and repeat the process multiple times. You must trade more than one stock and use really smart software to automate the whole thing.

That’s what we do with bitcoin and why it works so well (and we use a “special sauce” to kick the whole thing in overdrive!) …WHATTT???? SPECIAL SAUCE..LOL???

Our system uses extremely technical software and REAL mathematically formulas and multiple exchanges to manipulate the hundreds of SMALLER fluctuations in bitcoin price that occur hourly. This proprietary method (and some other smart stuff we figured out) creates enough profit every day to payout the daily commissions and keep the company solvent so it continues to grow. …SOME OTHER SMART STUFF WE FIGURED OUT???

DailyBinaryBtc Products:

The DailyBinaryBtc Scam has no products, another red flag!

DailyBinaryBtc Plans: (When a bitcoin program has packages to buy, that pays fixed returns, it’s a scam)

Plan 1 – 0.025 BTC – Doubles in 280 days

Plan 2 – 0.375 BTC – Doubles in 280 days

Plan 3 – 0.1875 BTC – Doubles in 280 days

Plan 4 – 0.5 BTC – Doubles in 200 days

Plan 5 – 1.5 BTC – Doubles in 200 days

Plan 6 – 3.0 BTC – Doubles in 200 days

That’s if they don’t shut down before 280 days is up, which I highly doubt they will last that long.

dailybinarybtc plans

DailyBinaryBtc Compensation Plan:

You must be qualified to earn from the binary comp plan, which means you need to recruit 2 people, one on the right side and one on the left side. Percentage paid ranges from 2-10% of the volume of your weaker leg depending on your investment level or plan you purchased weekly.

Fast start bonus pays from 5-10% depending on your investment level or plan you purchased.


DailyBinaryBtc Review: It is pretty clear that the DailyBinaryBtc Scam is just another bitcoin mlm ponzi scheme. After all, it has the word Binary in the name! Money or ROI comes from recruitment only. Once recruitment slows down, which it will, they will exit scam and you will lose your bitcoin.

These bitcoin ponzis are popping up like crazy with the recent bitcoin price rally. However, they are not sustainable, they all crash and burn eventually.

DailyBinaryBtc is just another Bitcoin doubler program that will scam out like all the rest.

Never invest in a program where you do not have control of your bitcoin. Passive bitcoin programs are 99.9% SCAMS PERIOD.

Save your bitcoin, just HODL!



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