Direct Mail Pro Review – Scam or Legit?

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Direct Mail Pro is a new direct mail business opportunity. There are so many direct mail mlms now and they don’t seem to last very long these days. The truth is direct mail advertising response rates are very low, so don’t expect good results from your mailings.

Direct Mail Pro Review

direct mail pro review

Are you looking for current Direct Mail Pro reviews? Is it a scam or legit? You’ve come to the right place…  I’ll discuss all the details of the Direct Mail Pro including the products, the system, the CEO and the compensation plan in this DirectMailPro review.

Whats is Direct Mail Pro?

Direct Mail Pro is a business opportunity using the direct mail business model created by Peter Wolfing. Direct Mail Pro will provide direct mail leads, sales material and will close sales for you. It is not a “mailbox money program” where people send you cash in the mail, as the company will handle all payments and will include some real physical products, like books, training on usb stick etc.

Peter Wolfing is mostly known for creating Easy1Up and National Wealth Center, but also ran a bunch of ponzi cycler matrix programs earlier in his career and some flops like Ueconomy and Hand of Heaven.

Here’s some bullet points from their marketing:

No cash payments.
No pass ups.
2 level payout.
Direct mail sales material.
Digital sales material.
Direct Mail leads available.
Company will close sales for you.
Company collects and pays all commissions.
Company will train all your new team members.
Company provides WORLD-CLASS PRODUCT that will make you scream… WOW!

Direct Mail Pro Review Products:

DMP has 5 Products that range in price from $250 to $5,000.

Product level purchases include the  “BIG BUSINESS IN A BOX”.
*Contents will vary depending on the level purchased.

Full color plastic poly, waterproof shipping bags, 10″X13″.

The BIG BUSINESS IN A BOX will go out for the 3 top product levels. The lower prices (under $500) get a USB flash drive, a full color 40+ page magazine, welcome material, branded coffee mug etc.

direct mail pro big business in a box

Direct Mail Pro Compensation Plan:

You only earn up to the level you purchase. If someone joins at a higher level, the difference is passed up to next qualified sponsor.

Direct Mail Pro pays 40% commissions on the 1st level and 20% on the 2nd level.

Direct Mail Pro Levels

KickStarter Level – $250
Payout is $100/$50

Amateur Level – $500
Payout is $200/$100

Elite Level – $1000
Payout is $400/$200

Pro Level – $2500
Payout is $1000/$500

VIP Level – $5000
Payout is $2000/$1000

Direct Mail Pro will also have financing for those who need it, not that I would recommend financing an mlm, which is never a good idea.

Direct Mail Pro Conclusion:

DirectMailPro is a new direct mail business opportunity just launched in late August 2019. There are so many direct mail mlms now and they don’t seem to last very long these days. The truth is direct mail advertising response rates are very low, so don’t expect good results from your mailings.

Also, do you really want to spend your valuable time stuffing envelopes? Not to mention extra added costs of printing 1000’s of letters. Make sure you have a good laser printer as ink costs can get expensive.

Most of the top leaders in Easy1up are already hitting up their downlines, since existing members have first crack. The top leaders will make a lot of money, since they have big followings, lists and they are experienced marketers.

But, for the average person relying on buying leads from the company and mailing these leads the sales materials provided ans relying on the company to close sales, might be a bit of a tough go.

Direct Mail Pro seems like a decent program on the surface, but here’s what I don’t like:

  • only 40% commissions on 1st level
  • direct mail business
  • stuffing envelopes
  • not international
  • border-line cash gifting scheme
  • over-priced products up to $5,000

Here’s what I like:

  • company closes sales for you
  • 2nd level commissions

I do not recommend Direct Mail Pro. It is not a scam, but it is a higher ticket expensive program with over priced digital training products, borderline cash gifting, where you need to recruit other people to join.

Unless you’re a skilled and experienced marketer with a big social following or list, that can recruit a hundred people, then I don’t recommend this mlm for the average person looking to make money online. You most likely will not have much success or get your money back.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Direct Mail Pro review!


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