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Finish Line Network  – online business opportunity that launched in September of 2018 that did not convert and died shortly after…

Check out this  Finish Line Network review, a new online business opportunity that launched in September of 2018 and died shortly after…

finish line network review


Finish Line Network – Founders

There are a few founders of this new MLM business opportunity on the executive team.

These are the people that are on founders team of Finish Line Network

  • Joel & Kitty Kellman (Part owners of Online Sales Pro) They developed the FLN App.
  • Paul Counts
  • Doug Wellens
  • Greg Chambers
  • Todd McCart
  • Chad Stalvey

Greg Chambers and Doug Wellens are also behind another MLM business opportunity called Traffic Authority, that program has a number of high quality traffic products and paid millions to their affiliates, and is still in existence today.

What Is The Finish Line Network?

Finish Line Network is an affiliate online business opportunity program.

Finish Line Network Products

finish line network products

Silver Package – $47 /mth

Lead generation tools, developed by Online Sales Pro. With this phone app tool, you can create mobile-friendly landing pages and collect and follow up with leads etc. From the app on your phone you can market you business via text, send emails,  share via fb post, and fb messenger. The app also features a lead manager CRM, SMS quick reply scripts, rebuttals, pre-done scripts, and marketing strategies/trainings.

Gold Package – $130 /mth or Gold PRO 3-year subscription @ $2997

This package will include a monthly “virtual live event” and access to a digital marketing content library. It contains training on the latest traffic generation techniques from all major social networks and the monthly virtual live events.

Live Events – $997

Finish Line Network (FLN) will be holding regular live events for you to attend. These “Digital Domination” events will be held over two days with the first set to take place around January 2019. Featuring Star speakers such as Ray Higdon etc.

Email Profits On Demand (ePOD) – $1997

Email marketing digital courses. The course will provide you with over 8 hours of live intensive training at the end of which you will be certified. There is also a click buyback program, and you will be taught advanced email marketing monetization strategies.

All-in Bundle – $4997

Everything above included – no re-bills ever

FLN Compensation Plan

Finish Line Network compensation plan dubbed the ‘The Profit Maximizer’ has been developed to maximize profits for all paying members.

There are two types of commissions in the FLN comp plan, direct commissions which are paid weekly and the bonus pool commissions which will be paid monthly.

Direct commissions will be split 50/50 between you and your sponsor, this can rise to 80/20 split if you sell more than 6 of any one product.

So, for example, if you manage to sell 7 silver packages, you will earn 80% commission.

Ranking System

FLN ranking system will determine your commissions and your bonus pool share.

  • Rising Star – Everyone starts off at this level
  • 1 Star – Reached when you sell six Silver packages
  • 2 Star – Reached when you sell six Gold packages
  • 3 Star – Reached when you sell six Digital packages
  • 4 Star – Reached when you sell six Live Events packages

The Bonus Pool

20% of every sale is put into the monthly bonus pool and at the end of every month, affiliates are paid a commission based on how many shares they have earned.

Shares are earned through the selling Finish Line Network products, how many shares you receive depends on what products you sell.  (Watch the video above.)

  • Selling a new Silver & Gold package (1 share)
  • Selling a “high ticket” digital product (1 share)
  • Selling a 3-year Gold package subscription (1 share)
  • Having a down line affiliate “upgrade” to an “all-in” monthly subscription (1 share)
  • Selling a 3-year Gold subscription package, Digital Domination event ticket and Email Profits on Demand course (3 shares)
  • Qualifying at 1 Star (1 share)
  • Qualifying at 2 Star (2 shares)
  • Qualifying at 3 Star (3 shares)
  • Qualifying at 4 Star (4 shares)

The amount you get will depend on your personal rank:

  • Rising Stars receive 60% of each share value
  • 1 Stars receive 70% of each share value
  • 2 Stars receive 80% of each share value
  • 3 Stars receive 90% of each share value
  • 4 Stars receive 100% of each share value

Commission Qualification

To qualify for commissions at each of the four product tiers, a Finish Line Network affiliate must either purchase the product themselves or sell six of each.

Finish Line Network Conclusion:

Finish Line Network’s big launch was all hype, it died shortly after launch and was abandoned by all the free affiliates that joined hoping to make money, but they did not.



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