FUNNEL X PRESS Review – Scam or Legit?

Funnel X Press Review 2020

funnel x press review

What is Funnel X Press?

Funnel X Press is a funnel system created by David Dekel.  Is it a scam? Is it legit? This Funnel X Press review will explain the new marketing system.  FunnelXPress is supposed to convert leads into sales with multiple programs, however David’s sales videos are long-winded and drawn out for the most part in my opinion. Also, Expect to fork out thousands of dollars to join all the programs.


Funnel X Press Review:

The Funnel X Press funnel system promotes these 6 programs inside:

1. Leaderboard Affiliate

2. Get Response

3. ROI Panel

4. Funnel X Advance

5. Advertising Boost

6. ORU


Funnel X Press Offer #1: Leaderboard Affiliate

leaderboard affilate

Leaderboard Affiliate is a new online business opportunity that ranges from $27 – $1997 for online training products.

Leaderboard Affiliate Products:



“GURU” – $247

“SUPERSTAR” – $497

“CELEBRITY” – $997

“BOSS” – $1997


Funnel X Press Offer #2: GetResponse

GetResponse offers such products as Business Automation tools to email your leads. You will connect this autoresponder to the Funnel X Press system to send follow up emails to your leads.

The GetResponse affiliate plan pays 33% commissions on direct sales.

GetResponse is free for the first 30 days, then starts at $15 per month and up to $165 per month depending on the amount of subscribers you have.



Funnel X Press Offer #3: ROI Panel

ROI Panel allows you to track and optimize marketing campaigns similar to ClickMagick with tracking links.


ROI Panel pay 50% Commissions and 3 levels:

Beginner – $197

Advanced – $597

Master – $1497



Funnel X Press Offer #4: Funnel X Advance

Funnel X Advance is a so called “pay per lead” system. You get $1 for every qualified lead.

Funnel X Advance has 3 paid levels and pays 50% commissions:

Builder – $200

Super Affiliate – $597

Leader – $1997


Funnel X Press Offer #5: Advertising Boost

Advertising Boost is a free vacation incentive program for any business or person.

Advertising Boost Review

As a member, you can give away an unlimited number of free travel certificates to the United States, Mexico, Spain and Thailand. The value of these vacations is anywhere from $585 to $1,500 and the resorts are high quality.

Some conditions apply, so make sure to read the fine print for extra fees.

You also can use a free vacation voucher for yourself.

These free vacations can be used to boost customer loyalty and increase repeat purchases, or to get new business.

Advertising Boost pays 40% commissions on level 1 and 10% commissions on level 2.

Adverting Boost has a free 14 day trial, then it’s $49 per month, they also have a $497 yearly option.


Funnel X Press Offer #6:  ORU

ORU Marketplace is… , well its a mish mash of products: ORU Visa card, ORU Quantum currency, ORU Travel and ORU Social.

oru marketplace

So they have their own visa card, marketplace to sell things, their own digital currency, their own discount travel program and a supposed ORU social media site. Confusing to say the least.

ORU Marketplace charges affiliates $30.94 to sign up and then $5.95 per month.

ORU claims they are not an MLM, however they pay 10 levels deep?

I do not recommend ORU at all.



Now, you can promote some of these programs as stand-alone offers if you choose, no need for a funnel system.  But it can be easier to promote only one link.

However, it also requires a much higher cost to join all these programs at once, so it may not make sense to join.

Most of the Funnel X systems are ridiculously over priced products costing thousands of dollars.

I won’t say Funnel X Press is a scam or legit. But it is not the best program to promote for the average person to make money online with. Unless you have good marketing experience and thousands of dollars to spend.

It will cost you in the neighborhood of $5,500 USD plus monthly fees to be fully upgraded in all the programs with this new Funnel X Press marketing system from David Dekel which is apparently “free” to use. And if you don’t upgrade, then you will be losing commissions and passing up sales to next qualified person in line above you.

It’s a high ticket “pay to play” cash grab system, so be prepared to pony up a ton of money to buy over-priced digital products to participate.

I do not recommend Funnel X Press.

Thanks for reading this Funnel X Press review for 2019!



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