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Funnel X ROI 2019 funnel system created by David Dekel.  FXROI funnel tries to convert traffic into sales by walking prospects through the funnel in detail, with long boring videos and tons of upsells.

Funnel X ROI Review 2020

funnel x roi review 2020

What is Funnel X ROI?

What has changed in 2020 for the Funnel X ROI funnel system created by David Dekel? Is it a scam? This Funnel X review will explain the changes.  FXROI still does a decent job converting cold traffic into sales by walking prospects through the funnel in detail, step by step, in easy to understand videos, how to create multiple income streams with various online opportunities.

Funnel X Roi Review:

The Funnel X ROI funnel system promotes these programs:

1. Easy1Up

2. Get Response

3. ROI Panel

4. Advertising Boost

5. Pay per lead system


The front end offer in Funnel X ROI is Easy1UP.  Easy1Up is an online business opportunity that pays 100% commissions instantly of $25, $100, $250, $500, $1000 and $2000 with a 1up compensation plan.


Watch the Easy1Up video for details:


The second offer in Funnel X ROI is  GetResponse autoresponder. GR offers such products as Business Automation tools to email your leads.

You will connect this auto responder to the Funnel X ROI system to send done-for-you follow up emails on your behalf to your leads.

The Get Response affiliate plan pays 33% commissions on direct sales.


The third offer in the Funnel X ROI is ROI Panel. ROI Panel allows you to Track And Optimize All Your Marketing all in one place.


If you’re serious about online marketing and making money online, you need to track all your traffic to see which traffic converts the best so you can scale up and maximize your ROI.

You’ll also earn generous commissions from these sales.


The Fourth offer in the Funnel X ROI is Advertising Boost.  Marketing Boost is a free vacation incentive program for any business or person.  

MARKETING BOOST funnel x roi

As a member, you can give away an unlimited number of free travel certificates to the United States, Mexico, Spain and Thailand. The value of these vacations is anywhere from $585 to $1,500 and the resorts are high quality.

Some conditions apply, so make sure to read the fine print for extra fees.

You also can use a free vacation voucher for yourself.

These free vacations can be used to boost customer loyalty and increase repeat purchases, or to get new business.


The 5th offer: The Pay Per Lead system costs up to $997, but they will pay you for leads you collect.



Now, you can promote any of these 4 programs as stand-alone offers, no need for a funnel system.  But it can be easier to promote only one link.

But it also requires a much higher cost to join all these programs at once, so it may not make sense to join.

It will cost you some decent money to be fully upgraded in all the programs with this funnel x roi marketing system which is apparently “free” to join. And if you don’t upgrade, then you will be losing commissions and passing up sales to next qualified person in line above you.

Thanks for reading my Funnel X Roi review for 2020!



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