Funnel X ROI Review – What Is Funnel X ROI?

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Funnel X ROI is a funnel marketing system created by David Dekel.  The funnel is well laid out and does a decent converting traffic.

Funnel X ROI Review

funnel x roi review

What is Funnel X ROI?

Funnel X ROI is a funnel marketing system created by David Dekel.  The funnel is well laid out and does a decent converting traffic into sales and multiple income streams. All you have to do is send traffic, and they also provide recommended traffic sources in the FX-ROI back office, but it cab get costly!

The FX-ROI funnel takes your hand and walks you through three programs:

These programs are 1. Easy1Up 2. NowLifestyle and 3. ClickMagick.

Simply, follow the steps as you go through the funnel, to get set up and making money online joining multiple programs.

The FIRST offer in the Funnel X ROI is Easy1UP.  Easy1Up is an online business opportunity that pays 100% commissions instantly of $25, $100, $250, $500, $1000 and $2000 with a 1up compensation plan.


Watch the Easy1Up video for details:


The second offer in Funnel X ROI is  NowLifestyle. NLS offers such products as Business Automation tools and custom Health and Wellness programs. 


For example, their Autorepsonder allows you 50,000 contacts for a very low fee. Much cheaper then any autoresponder on the market. You will connect this to the Funnel X ROI system to send done-for-you follow up emails on your behalf to your leads.

However, the Now Lifestyle autoresponder has terrible open rates and the email tend to go the spam folder mostly.

The NowLifestyle compensation plan pays 50% commissions on direct sales plus a matching bonus on your referrals sales. They also have a binary compensation plan.

The THIRD offer in the Funnel XROI is ClickMagick. ClickMagick allows you to Track And Optimize All Your Marketing all in one place.


If you’re serious about online marketing and making money online, you need to track all your traffic to see which traffic converts the best so you can scale up and maximize your ROI.

You’ll also earn 100% commissions on all first-month payments PLUS 35% recurring monthly commissions.

Funnel x roi review

Now, you can promote any of these 3 programs as stand-alone offers.  But it’s much easier to promote only one front end offer at a time and let the funnel do all the work for you.

However, will cost you a lot of money to join all the programs at the top level. This is the Funnel X ROI  review system. It’s all about multiple income streams  or should I say multiple upfront investments of thousands of dollars???



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