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HashFinders Summary

HashFinders scam is a crypto ponzi scheme that claims ROI is generated by helping to speed up bitcoin transactions somehow, But that is all lies for the gullible investor. They also pay you commissions for recruiting other people into the scam.

HashFinders Review

hashfinders scam review

Please read this HashFinders Review. Is Hash Finders a scam? Yes, it is a 100% Ponzi crypto scam. It is just another so called “passive” bitcoin Ponzi scheme program.

You have probably seen people promoting this scam on social media, with hypey marketing claims such as get paid every day passively by doing 5 clicks and earn 200% ROI. Now supposedly, HashFinders claims that you are helping to speed up confirmations on bitcoin transactions. (Total BS)

From their website:

HASHFINDER’s transaction accelerator speeds up confirmation times for all Bitcoin transactions, including TX transactions with a low transaction fee. Our service helps unconfirmed transactions to be confirmed much faster by relaying them to the network.

How does HashFinders work?

1. Register and Buy a Hash Pack
Sign up in a few steps. You just need an email. Make a deposit in Bitcoin and buy your Hash Pack from only $100.

2. Perform only 5 daily retransmissions.
Receive a daily liability from Monday to Friday helping to re-transmit 5 transactions to the blockchain network

3. Receive your earnings directly to your wallet
You can withdraw your earnings twice a week, once you complete $ 50.

All sounds pretty cool and legit right? Like they found some kind of crypto currency loophole that no one else knows about….

Wrong! There is no proof of this generating external ROI to pay its members, simply because it does not exist. ROI comes from recruiting and new money only, so once recruitment slows down, the ponzi scam will collapse, as they all do.

Who are the HashFinders owners?

Doing some research online, some websites claim Kim Hong is the owner. I could find nothing online linking a Kim Hong to Hashfinders, so its obviously a made up owners name. Sounds Korean to me, however, all of their marketing videos and presentations are done in Spanish. Just another red flag that Hashfinders is ponzi scam.

Here is something else that is off about HashFinders:

Most of the above information is from their About Us page. Yet, when you read the homepage, it says:

“HASHFINDERS is a Korean company formed by a group specialized in blockchain, cryptography, trading and mining algorithms that develop software and tools dedicated to accelerate Bitcoin transactions, as well as specialized Forex and arbitrage bots.
And they have developed a new platform where users get profits while helping broadcast and accelerating transactions in bitcoin, in addition to receiving profits shared by our cryptocurrency mining operations and the operation in Forex markets.”

Then it says they have 16 traders on staff with stock pictures of bitcoin mining equipment and forex trading platforms. Scroll further down  and they claim they have been around since 2016 and own multiple mining farms.

They also claim they do crypto currency arbitrage trading and trade forex with bots. Of course no proof exists.

So, it’s really not congruent or clear what HashFinders does, its all over the map and doesn’t really make sense.

HashFinders also claims they are partners with Slushpool, Bitfury, BTC.com and ViaBTC.com which is completely false and a total lie.

Hashfinders is a crypto ponzi scam that supposedly generates external ROI and pays you passive returns, they also pay you commissions for recruiting other people into the scam.

All of these Bitcoin passive income programs are scams and are purely money games. ROI comes from recruiting only, once recruitment slows down, the ponzi scam will collapse, as they all do. Crypto ponzi scams are illegal and steal billions of dollars from gullible investors. Ponzi Pimps that promote these scams do not care if they are scams, they only care about getting paid commissions from recruiting you into these ponzi scams. Once the ponzi scheme collapses, they move on to the next scam.


HashFinders has no products, more proof its a Ponzi scam.


hashfinders packages

HashFinders packages range in price and will cost you from $100 up to $50,000.

HashFinders packages pay between 0.5% to 2.9% per day, 5 days a week, Monday to Friday.

Total ROI per package is 200%.



Hashfinders pays a 7% commission on direct personal recruits.


– Each hash pack provides a number of binary points equal to the value of the investment

– Pays 10% of your lower leg

– Must recruit 2 suckers, Oops I meant 2 people, to earn from the binary. One left and one right.

– No member will get paid greater then then hash pack purchased. For example: if you have a $300 hash pack and have 15,000 binary points, the system only pay you $300 usd maximum and the rest if the volume will be deleted.

– Binary can be paid daily


Members can receive matching bonuses up to 7 levels deep starting at 3% on your third level. As you rank up, your matching bonuses can increase.


Prizes are rewarded as you rank up based on points. Prizes range from iPhone X all the way up to a Ferrari lol!

hashfinders career bonus


NOWADAYS, crypto scams are getting creative yet still deceptive in the ways they claim they generate ROI. HashFinders is all smoke and mirrors and its only a matter of time until they pull an exit scam with millions of dollars.

If you believe that they are actually able to generate passive returns by helping to speed up bitcoin transactions on the blockchain by clicking something in their back office 5 times a day, then you might be gullible…

Hashfinders.com is an obvious scam…

Hope you enjoyed this HashFinders review and you avoid this scam!


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