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List Leverage Review Summary

List Leverage review:  Expensive viral email list building program.  List Leverage Products include lead capture pages, swipes, and a viral pass up system, also connected to more over priced low quality mlm programs. 

List Leverage Review

list leverage review

Are you looking for current List Leverage review 2019 ? Is it a scam or legit?  I’ll discuss all the details of this program including the products, the system, the CEO and the compensation plan in this List Leverage review.

You’ve probably seen people promoting List Leverage on social media lately, and you’re curious if it’s a good mlm program to get involved with or not…?

I’m here to tell you its not that great to be honest, it’s mostly hype and it will fizzle out shortly like their other similar programs in the past.

Read on for the rest of this List Leverage review.

What is List Leverage?

List Leverage is a email list building program.  Their slogan is Turn One Lead Into THOUSANDS!!”. But is their slogan really true? I suppose technically it could happen, but not likely.

List Leverage Products include lead capture pages, and a viral pass up system (basically you will be passing your leads to the people above you, and your recruits will pass leads up to you). You will pass up every 5th lead/person you generate, so 20% of your leads/recruits and their commissions will be passed up to your sponsor.

List Leverage was created by Matthew Neer. He has been in the internet marketing space for a while creating many products. Most of these products are make money online programs with hypey marketing claims such as: $5K Formula System,  Speed Wealth Commission System, Viral Cash App, Income League and many more.

Also, part of the List Leverage system is 2 third part companies: Traffic Authority (Doug Wellens and Greg Chambers) and Send Shark (Joel Therien of GVO and NowLifestyle).

  • Traffic Authority is a traffic MLM program that was popular a few years ago in 2016 that sold overpriced solo ad traffic in the MLM niche.
  • Send Shark is an autoresponder that allows you to send mass broadcast emails to your leads. Although Joel’s autoresponder systems have always been plagued with low inbox deliver-ability rates.

List Leverage Review of Products:


List Leverage Software Suite – Cost is $49.00/month or $398/year

List Leverage is an advanced software solution that has been designed to create a large high quality email list through leverage very rapidly. This is just 3 lead capture pages, with their Viral Lead Pass-up System.

List Leverage has 3 additional upgrades:

Pages – Cost is $97.00

15 additional high-converting lead capture pages.

  • Access all 15 of our best Squeeze Pages for only $6.40 per page

Swipes – Cost is $247.00

You can buy Swipes product which is a collection of Matthew Neer’s 1,000 highest converting email swipes.

  • Get Matthew’s 1,000+ Email Marketing Swipe File Templates
  • “Supposedly Automates Your Marketing “

Webinars – Cost is $497.00

This product includes over 30 hours of content that Matthew obtained from interviewing his personal circle of Affiliate Marketing Insiders.

  • Instant Access To 10 Webinars
  • Download & Stream All Videos
  • Over 30+ Hours Of Webinar Content

+ Bonus Webinar: ‘How To Flip Domain Names For Thousands’
+ Bonus Webinar: ‘Internet Marketing Conspiracies’

List Leverage Add-On Products:

Traffic Authority – This is a traffic MLM that sells traffic that you can send to your lead capture pages. These traffic packages cost from $220 up to $8,397. ..Yikes! TA also has other products: Traffic Authority Reseller, Traffic Optimizer & Traffic Academy = $144.00 monthly.  The Problems are that is very overpriced because they pay commission on the traffic, and the traffic does not convert either, is common feedback. Traffic Authority has a D- BBB rating.

Send Shark – This an MLM autoresponder service. Cost is $25 per month for 50,000 subscribers, and pays up to 50% commission, which seems like a good deal, but you get what you pay for. They have some of the lowest inbox rates in the industry. This meas that most of your email messages will go straight to the junk/spam folder and will not get read or opened, so its pretty much a waste of money if you are doing any paid campaigns.

List Leverage Compensation Plan

  • List Leverage monthly is $47/mth and pays a $20/mth commission to the direct Sponsor
  • List Leverage Annual  is $398/year and pays a $200/year commission –  If the member’s direct
    sponsor is not eligible, the $200 commission would roll upline to the next eligible qualified member in that members upline.
  •  List Leverage Add On Products Compensation:
    Pages = $97 retail pays a $50 commission
    Swipes = $247 retail pays a $125 commission
    Webinars = $497 retail pays a $250 commission

Anytime a List Leverage product is sold their sponsor will receive the corresponding commission whether their sponsor purchased that List Leverage product or not.
The only qualification for a List Leverage Product commission to be paid is that the sponsor must be Active. If a member’s direct sponsor is NOT Active … then that List Leverage Product commission will roll up to the next Active member in the upline. An Active List Leverage member is one that maintains their monthly or annual membership and is in good standing.

Click Cash Compensation:

a). List Leverage All-In Qualified Members receive twenty (20) cents on the clicks from their personal leads.
b). List Leverage All-In Qualified Members receive five (5) cents on the clicks from their direct team.
c). List Leverage members who are NOT All-In qualified receive ten (10) cents on the clicks from their personal leads.
d). List Leverage members who are NOT All-In qualified receive one (1) cent on the clicks from their direct team.

Send Shark compensation plan – pays up to 50% commissions, please note there are upsells in Send Shark as well, $497 is the first upsell.

Traffic Authority compensation plan –  pays around 45% split commissions with your sponsor on traffic packages, but you will have to buy them first to earn commission, or they will pass up to the next qualified sponsor who purchased that level. Pay to play scenario or pass up.


I do not recommend List Leverage.


List Leverage products are over priced and do not deliver. Send Shark is not a good autoresponder and Traffic Authority is not good traffic.

List Leverage costs $49 per month for 3 capture pages, plus you pay another $25 for the autoresponder, plus up to $144 per month for Traffic Authority, plus you have to buy expensive traffic packages with no guarantees. This adds up to a lot of unnecessary monthly fees you will pay.

If you want to buy all the products in List Leverage will cost you over $1,200, plus monthly fees, plus buying traffic so hope you have a big budget which most people do not. All 3 programs have multiple upsells.

Also, the fact that you have to pass up leads, and pass up commissions on purchased traffic from your referrals, unless you want to pony up thousands of dollars to buy the higher priced traffic packages.

I can’t see people staying and paying with this program month after month, and it’s popularity and hype will soon fade and the so called gurus/leaders will be promoting the next mlm of the week.

That’s it for my opinion and this List Leverage review, thank you for reading this List Leverage review!


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