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MarketingBoost Review – its a free vacation incentive program for any business or person.  Marketing Boost charges a small monthly fee and in return you can send people on free vacations to various locations throughout the World.

Marketing Boost Review


Are you looking for current Marketing Boost reviews? Is it a scam or legit? You’ve come to the right place…  I’ll discuss the details of Marketing Boost including how it works, the system, and the compensation plan in this Marketing Boost review.

What is Marketing Boost?

Marketing Boost formerly called Advertising Boost or Adboost or Advertising Bait, is a free vacation incentive program for any business or person.  Marketing Boost charges a monthly fee and in return, you can send people on free vacations to various locations throughout the USA and the World.

How does Marketing Boost Work?

The monthly fee to participate in Marketing Boost is a $49 per month subscription service.

As a member, you can give away an unlimited number of free travel certificates to the United States, Mexico, Spain and Thailand. The value of these Marketing Boost vacations is anywhere from $585 to $1,500 and the resorts are high quality.

They have added 50 new destinations for 2019: New Marketing Boost Destinations

Hawaii – United States
Orlando – United States
Las Vegas – United States
Branson – United States
Gatlinburg – United States
Myrtle Beach – United States
Daytona Beach – United States
Miami – United States
New Orleans – United States
San Diego – United States
Atlanta – United States
Chicago – United States
San Antonio – United States
Atlantic City – United States
Phoenix – United States
Cancun – Mexico
Mazatlan – Mexico
Puerto Vallarta – Mexico
Koh Samui – Thailand
Phuket – Thailand
Bangkok – Thailand
Boracay – Philippines
Tenerife – Spain
Barcelona – Spain
Vienna – Austria
Dubai – Dubai
Athens – Greece
Goa – India
Istanbul – Turkey
Bodrum – Turkey
Rio De Janeiro – Brazil
Cartagena – Colombia
Medellin – Colombia
Cape Town – South Africa
Stockholm – Sweden
Buenos Aires – Argentina
Toronto – Canada
Jerusalem – Israel
Budapest – Hungary
Punta Cana – Dominican Republic
Venice – Italy
Rome – Italy
Paris – France
Gold Coast – Australia
Melbourne – Australia
Sydney – Australia
Brisbane – Australia
Bali – Indonesia
Queenstown – New Zealand
Christchurce – New Zealandv

You also can use a voucher for yourself.

These free vacations can be used to boost customer loyalty and increase repeat purchases, or to get new business.

For example, you could give a free vacation to anyone who likes your page on Facebook, opts in to your email list, starts a free trial or makes a purchase.

So does this sort of marketing actually work?

It can, it all depends. Offering vacation incentives can help sales conversions.

What’s the catch?

There is a limit of one certificate redemption per customer for travel in the US and one redemption outside of the US. Secondly, the guest pays the resort taxes, which works out to a maximum of $19.70 per day according to the website.

Marketing Boost states: Unlike some vacation incentive offers, recipients do not have to attend any sales or timeshare presentations either. But make sure you read the fine print and Terms on all vacations!

How It Works

To get started with Marketing Boost, all you need to do is signup on their website for $49 per month. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time.

Once you’re a member, you can start giving away free vacation packages.

The process apparently takes less than 30 seconds too:

  1. Enter your client’s name
  2. Enter their email address
  3. Select the destination and hit send

Once you follow the above steps to send someone a free vacation, the person has 7 days to activate the vacation certificate. And up to 18 months from then, to choose the dates they would like to travel.

Marketing Boost Compensation Plan

Marketing Boost affiliate program, allows you to signup and earn commissions promoting it.

The Marketing Boost affiliate program is more like a two-tier affiliate program.

The program pays out 40% commissions on direct sales and 10% of whatever your direct referrals earn.

You can also get $500 per month towards a luxury car hire if you get and maintain 200 active members. And $1,000 per month if you maintain 400 active members.


Marketing Boost is an advertising incentive program that costs $49 per month and gives you access to free vacation incentives.

Which you may or may not use…?

Thanks for reading this Marketing Boost review!


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