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The MARS My Auto Reply Software is a fully automated system that will build a highly qualified buyers list and pay you instant commissions at the same time or so they claim…

MARS – My Auto Reply Software Review

“Get Paid To Build Your List”

The MARS My Auto Reply Software is a so called fully automated system that will build a highly qualified buyers list and pay you instant commissions at the same time. How do they do that is unclear.

M.A.R.S. also features Done For You traffic and phone sales closers, so it can be more automated.

Does the done for you traffic work?

So far, not many are having great results with it, so might not be worth the extra money it costs to buy “viral ad pack” traffic. Ad packs costs $50 each and there is no defined amount of traffic you will receive per ad pack.

Sales closers cost $29.95 per month, not that you need a sales closer for $150 sale.?

MARS my auto reply software
MARS my auto reply software


Q. How much does My Auto Reply Software cost?
A. My Auto Reply Software is $197 usd. The back office suite is free with purchase.

Q. Is there a free trial?
A. No.

Q. What is included with my MARS purchase?

  •   My Auto Reply Software
  •   Rights to resell My Auto Reply Software at $197 usd and now MARS Plus for $597
  •   Create unlimited lead capture pages for your online businesses. This page builder is very basic and not user friendly.
  •   Built in email broadcaster where you can send your offers to your subscribed leads. (send every 5 days)
  •   3rd party autoresponder feature where you can add your own autoresponder and send emails to your subscribers everyday  ( AWeber, GetResponse, Mail Chimp, Traffic Wave). Not working yet FYI
  • “Additional Income Streams” button where you can add your main business website which will be shown in 2 separate places to all your leads when they are in their back office.
  • Commission tracking software… Every biz opp has this of course.
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Live & recorded training zooms & videos
  • Access to Done For You Viral Advertising Packs
  • Access to Sales pros to help close the sales for you

Q. Is this mlm or network marketing?
A. No. It’s a direct sale of the My Auto Reply Software with a pass up comp plan

Q. Can I use My Auto Reply Software without participating or selling the product?
A. Yes, you can simple use My Auto Reply Software to build your verified hot prospect list without participating in the referral program.

QWhat is your refund policy?
A. Since you are given immediate access to private intellectual property and copyrights of My Auto Reply Software and the back office suite,   there is absolutely no refunds as you can not refund “access” to a SaaS product.

QHow much do I earn if I sell My Auto Reply Software?
A. My Auto Reply Software uses a reverse 2 up compensation plan to help all members earn the maximum amount of income. They not only reward you from your own effort but we also reward you by helping others to use and sell the product as well. There is two types of  sales.

Direct sales and Pass Up sales. Direct sales earn you $150 each. Pass Up sales earn you $150 each. In order to qualify to earn unlimited pass up sales, you must first pass up your second and fourth sale to your sponsor.

Here is how the MARS My Auto Reply Software compensation plan works:

MARS My Auto Reply Software Compensation Plan

It’s a 2 up comp plan, meaning you will pass up your 2nd sale and your 4th sale to your sponsor.

  •   Your first sale earns you $150. (Direct sale)
  •  Your second sale passes up to your sponsor.
  •   Your third sale earns you $150. (Direct sale)
  •   Your fourth sale passes up to your sponsor.
  •   Your fifth sale to infinity earns you $150. (Direct sales)
  •   All of your Direct sale’s referrals who participates in the MARS referral program must qualify to earn unlimited pass up sales by passing up their second and fourth sale to you.

My Auto Reply Software Plus or MARS Plus: cost is $597 

  • Still have to pass up you 2nd and 4th sale to next qualified sponsor upline
  • $500 to sponsor
  • $97 admin fee

QHow do I get paid once I make a sale?
A. You will get paid directly and instantly to either Stripe, CashApp, Venmo, ORU, Bitcoin accounts . You can also add more custom payment options in your payment details section in your profile. Be careful as Stripe, Paypal etc do not like Make Money Online MLM payments and you risk having your accounts shut down if you choose to use those payment processors.

Q. Does MARS offer done for you services to help share my private access code?
A. Yes! You can purchase MARS viral packs and other done for you services once you are in your back office. The MARS viral ad packs will help generate traffic for you by sending people to your very own coded tracking page which will redirect people to MyAutoReplySoftware.com along with your private access code.

Q. Do you have anyone who can help me close my sales?
A. Yes, for $29.95/mo you can have MARS done for you sales agents call back all your callback requests for you. They will answer any remaining questions your prospects have and help close the sales on your behalf without any additional fees. This service alone is worth hundreds of dollars per month but you can get it now for less than a dollar a day.


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