Mize Network Review Scam or Legit?

mize network scam review

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In this Mize Network review, I’ll reveal to you what this ”crypto business” is about.

One of the claims made on the website is that Mize Network is committed to long-term financial results.

Integrating sustainability in their business strategy and sharing results with their consultants and clients is at the core of their mission.

But it is very unclear how they purpose to do that.

Mize Network is a multi level marketing crypto currency business. Mize Network is owned and operated by Adrian Jacuzzi.

Other people posted on their website are Bruno Vieira and Carina Santos.  LinkedIn profiles for them could not be found to see their history and experience.

Mize Network has 8 investment plans with different features:

Minimum investment plan is 50 EUR. Next is 250 EUR, 500 EUR1000 EUR, 2500 EUR, 5000 EUR, 10,000 EUR and then a whopping 25,000 EUR. Yikes!

Mize network is nothing but a sophisticated ponzi scheme.

In all investment plans, Mize Network is mentioning binary positions and commissions. This suggests that Mize Network is a pyramid scheme scam.

The website is very vague and ambiguous, and as it is not clear how returns are generated.

However, the pyramid scheme business model is quite evident in how it is intending to operate.

The site hints that ROIs will be generated based on commissions paid to existing members if they recruit new members.

You should be careful with any business that claims to offer investment opportunities, but at the same time not mention how the revenue is generated. If there is no clear road map, then it is definitely a SCAM.

Is Mize Network a scam?

Yes.  Mize Network is a Scam. Nothing but a ponzi scheme.  As mentioned before, the website is ambiguous when it comes to the product or service it is trying to promote.

They also claim that no product or service can be launched without following the regulations of a country that will be affected by the activities of this ponzi scheme.

But, Mize Network has no real product outside their affiliate membership plans. It is therefore an illegal business.

It is also alleged that this company stores its financials in the blockchain and giving access to shareholders so they can inspect the documents at any time.

Does a blockchain exists within the Mize Network ponzi scheme? I highly doubt it, I have not seen it, nor have they produced any proof of its existence.


Adrian Jacuzzi has been promoting this ponzi scheme on his facebook page and using a fancy lifestyle to attract the financially naive.

There is a lot of traveling, taking selfies and posing with models etc. Jacuzzi is simply trying to promote the dream life style.

The site is less than 1 year old. According to the sales page, the aim is to commercialize Crypto currency products and also support the legal and financial security according to industry standards.

Just more vague statements. It’s really difficult to figure out what this company has on offer?

The operations of this business are allegedly based out of  Singapore, London and Madrid. Traffic sources suggest otherwise.

On Jacuzzi’s LinkedIn profile., its clear, he has no real professional experience in the field of Crypto currency investments.

He is currently the CEO and owner of Mize Network. However, he brings no real work experience and a success track record to the table.

Mize Network Products:

Mize Academy

This is a place for growing and sharing knowledge with every other ”Mizer”. Whatever that means?

Various video training.

Mize Network Review – Powernodes

Apparently they invented A NEW MINING STANDARD?

“Powernodes is a mining club that offers the opportunity for anyone to efficiently and comfortably get into the crypto mining sector that otherwise would be inaccessible.”

Powernodes is focused on offering the best form of investment and performance of crypto currencies, by using the most advanced technology and systems.”

A similar play on Masternodes. But that is not how Masternodes work at all… (Google it)

Although no ROIs were mentioned, the site does not explain on how mining is supposed to happen. No data centers are mentioned or revealed for us to confirm if this ”Power Node” thing is a real

Other Products: Learnchain, Cryptogrowth, Back Office

Mize Network Review – Conclusion

There is no transparency or proof of anything. The site is vague and they do not offer a real product or service. The focus is heavy on recruitment only.

You could say this is a full blown ponzi scheme. Your contributions into this ponzi scheme will be used to pay existing members and once recruitment slows, this ponzi will crash and burn like the rest, taking everyone’s money with them.

Mize Network is just another crypto Ponzi scam, best to avoid it. Don’t be a Mizer!!!


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