My Passive Trades Review Exit Scam – Blames COVID-19 

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My Passive Trades Review Scam Summary

My Passive Trades Review Scam – another cryptocurrency trading ad pack revenue sharing ponzi scheme that collapsed and scammed out.

My Passive Trades Review

my passive trades review scam


My Passive Trades review – just another cryptocurrency trading ad pack revshare ponzi scheme. It’s clear, the crypto ad packs revenue sharing business model is not sustainable, it never has been and it never will be.

What is My Passive Trades?

My Passive Trades sells $5 ad packs to gullible investors on the promise of a passive daily return of up to 1.25%. Returns are paid out on invested ad packs until 125% of the initial investment is paid out.

My Passive Trades Scam

My Passive Trades pulls Exit Scam – Blames COVID-19, Oil Wars and other factors.

On approximately March 14th, 2020, My Passive Trades released a statement below. In other words, they are pulling an exit scam and they are unable to pay their members. They claim their “trading” will resume when market is safer, Don’t hold your breath though!

Dear MyPassiveTrades members

Due to the current global financial unrest that was triggered by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic alongside the oil war and other factors, the Cryptocurrency markets are getting into unprecedented and incredibly unique market conditions with extreme reactions to all kinds of fleeting headlines and political speeches and statements. As a new asset class that emerged a little over a decade ago, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies have never been in such a challenge facing both a global pandemic and a global financial recession. Within this unique context we can’t be confident of hitting our profit targets at our time targets with our current forecasting models.

Therefore we will suspend trading in this market and we’re going to temporarily halt earnings, deposits and withdrawals until trading resumes when the market is safer.

We exited all our positions very early on and we are not planning to trade this market until it is less volatile and less sensitive to every politician’s word and every news headline. We need to protect funds and maintain stability while not taking massive risks like engaging in the current market. Sustainability is essential for us here in MPT and prevention is always better than cure.

We have always been fully transparent with our members and our plan is to always fight for the well-being of the MPT community. This is a lifelong mission for us and we are not going anywhere. We will do a live video tomorrow to discuss the situation and answer your questions.

Thank you for your understanding.

My Passive Trades Products

My Passive Trades has no real products.

My Passive Trades members must invest funds to participate in the attached MLM side on the ponzi scheme.

Each investment is bundled with advertising credits, which can be used to display advertising on the My Passive Trades website.

Participation in My Passive Trades’ matrix cycler provides access to a “trading school”.

My Passive Trades Compensation Plan

My Passive Trades affiliates invest $5 ad packs on the promise of a passive daily return of up to 1.25%.

Returns are paid out on invested ad packs until 125% of the initial investment is paid out.

Referral commissions on ad pack invested funds are paid out down 2 levels of recruitment:

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – 8%
  • level 2 – 3%

Trading School Matrix

My Passive Trades’ Trading School Matrix is a two-tier 3×1 matrix cycler.

A 3×1 matrix has three positions under it to fill, upon which a “cycle” is triggered.

Cycle commissions across My Passive Trades’ two cycler tiers are as follows:

  • $99.99 Mentoring tier – $33 recruitment commission and $33 per matrix position filled, recycles into a new $99.99 Mentoring tier matrix upon completion
  • $450 VIP tier – $150 recruitment commission and $150 per matrix position filled, recycles into new $450 VIP tier matrix upon completion

Full participation in My Passive Trades two-tier cycler costs $549.99.

Matrix Cyclers always stall out, and this is just another for MPT to get more funds from its members to keep the ponzi going.

Who is My Passive Trades Owner?

My Passive Trades main owner is Darren Bradbury. Darren also goes by the name of Darren Riviera. Darren has a checkered past of being involved in several Ponzi schemes and bad MLMs. Such scams as Zarfund, Stiforp,  My 24 Hour Income, My Ad Story and also was connected to other cryptocurrency ponzi schemes such as : Powerhouse RevShare, Powerhouse Feeder, and Powerhouse Mining.

My Passive Trades Scam Conclusion:

My Passive Trades is just another crypto rev share scam that sells adpacks that promise an ROI.

My Passive Trades owner has a history of  being involved in several Ponzi scams.

My Passive Trades is offering unregistered securities. They are not registered with the SEC, FCA or BBB.

My Passive Trades is an obvious Ponzi Scheme.

Paying 1.25% ROI per day is unsustainable. 

Legally, if you are offering a passive investment opportunity, you need to be registered with the securities commission of the country in which the business operates. My Passive Trades is not registered with SEC or FCA, so they are operating illegally and thus obviously not being honest on how they generate ROI.

The My Passive Trades scam has collapsed and scammed out.

Don’t be gullible….Save your bitcoin!

Hope you enjoyed reading this My Passive Trades review.


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