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OSP is an online lead generation platform. It helps you to Generate Leads Onlinefor any company or product. It features a landing page builder, sales pages and funnel builders too.

Looking for a Online Sale Pro review? The new Rank Up Now MVP OSP.

new osp mvp rank up now

What is Online Sales Pro or OSP?  Is it worth it? What’s it all about? Is it a scam? Here’s a quick Online Sales Pro review.

OSP is an online lead generation platform. It helps you to Generate Leads Onlinefor any company or product. It features a landing page builder, sales pages and funnel builders too. Online Sales Pro will allow you to get leads, manage your leads, text your leads, email your leads, has hundreds of capture pages, and includes an intuitive mobile application that gives you real-time notifications and management of your leads.

osp mvp

Online Sales Pro has multiple done for you funnels and capture pages for popular online businesses.
They have many done for you custom funnels for programs like Asirvia, MCA, Reverse Commissions, Easy1up, Exitus Elite, Internet Royalty with 100 more funnels in the works.
Or simply create your own funnels and marketing pages for any online business.


osp mvp training

Another strong point for Online Sales Pro MVP is their training and education side. They include social media, sales training and more.

Training include Lead Generation, Free Traffic, Email Marketing, Social Media, Success Roadmap, Mindset, and more.

As an MVP member, you have access to special trainings and can setup Online Store offers for your referrals to buy.

Here is one of their Online Sales Pro videos:

OSP Main Features:

  • Generate leads for any company or product
  • Powerful lead management system
  • App for iOS and Android for real time contact
  • Simple and easy to use system
  • The latest lead generation features
  • Unlimited landing pages and templates
  • Easy to customize for your brand
  • Autoresponder integration options
  • Social media and sales training built-in
  • Domain forwarding
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • MVP RUN RANK UP NOW funnels, videos, marketing pages and follow ups


Landing Page and Funnel Builders:

There is a large selection of templates to choose from most popular mlms, and online businesses.

If you don’t see your company listed, simply select a new template. You may edit and customize any existing template. Once your customizations are finished to your liking, then name the page and save it.

When your capture page is created, the next step is to make a sales page that is your main page in which you are selling something to your leads like a VSL (video sales letter). Again choose from the list of templates and all pages are fully customizable and simply add a good video about your product and a call to action button. Then name your page and save it.

The last step is to go to My Funnel page and arrange your pages in the order and name your new funnel and save it.

That’s it, you’re done! Enjoy your new custom marketing funnel for your business!


How much does it cost join Online Sales Pro MVP Rank Up Now?

  • or $997 a year for MVP upgrade or $97 per month

Can I earn from Online Sales Pro MVP?

Yes, you can actually make some decent side income promoting and sharing OSP MVP with others:

  • Earn $500 for MVP or $50 per month residual

I began using OSP primarily just as marketing tools, using their funnels which are high quality with good conversion rates. And then, I really enjoyed and learned a lot from their training’s.

I never looked at OSP as big income stream in the beginning, but their affiliate program pays well and practically sells itself!

osp affilate program

Who can use Online Sales Pro?

Anyone can use OSP including network marketers, affiliate marketers, newbies, seasoned marketers or anyone who is in the make money online niche.

Online Sales Pro Review of Mobile Application

OSP also has an app for iPhone and Android. It’s intuitive, has a clean design and it’s user friendly. The app allows you real time lead notifications, lead texting and email sending. You’ll be able to access, organize and track your prospects 24/7.

OSP Support:

Online Sales Pro has very good support responding with in 24 hours and they have a very active facebook page for support and guidance as well should you encounter any issues. However, they do have complete step by step training in the back office including videos for most aspects of OSP to help you get set up and ready to rock in no time at all.

The Bottom Line:

Online Sales Pro is an online lead generation system with the the latest lead generation features including a mobile phone app, unlimited funnels, community based templates with share codes, autoresponder integration, team training and everything you’ll ever need to be an online sales pro.


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