Press 1 Cash Review

What is Press 1 Cash?

Press 1 Cash is an Auto-Text Platform and SMS Text Phone Number marketing system. When someone calls your assigned SMS Text Number they give you, they listen to a short message that prompts them to press 1 on their cell phone to receive a text with your message and website from the automated system. This keeps it compliant and legal. You can customize this text with any message and website of your choice. Press 1 Cash marketing system.

Press 1 Cash products:

  • Automated Text Responder
  • Your Own SMS Text Phone Number
  • 100 Free Credits
  • Your own Press 1 Website
  • Back Office with Tracking and Training
  • Built-In 1 up comp plan
  • Re-sell rights for life
  • You make $200 on every sale and every first person’s sale


  • Prospects call your assigned Auto-Text Messaging Phone Number
  • They listen to a short message
  • They Press 1 and are immediately sent your website via text/sms

Can I have my prospects receive another website other than my Press1Cash replicated site?

Yes. You can change the website address your clients or prospects receive on your dashboard.

How much does this cost?

A one-time $297. Includes 100 playback and SMS text credit, SMS Text Phone Number, Auto-Text Platform, Replicated Press1Cash Website, Back office, Marketing Resources, Customer Tracking and built-in 1up Compensation Plan. When someone listens to your message, one playback credit is deducted. When they press 1 another credit is deducted. Playback and SMS credits are 1 cent each. You may purchase credits at any time.

How much does it cost when someone calls my assigned SMS number?

You are given 100 free SMS credits when you purchase Press1Cash. When someone calls your SMS number, one credit will be deducted. If they press 1, one additional credit will be deducted. So, two credits will be deducted if they call and press 1. Additional credits can be purchased on your dashboard for 1 penny each.

Can I see the phone numbers of everyone that presses 1?

Yes, on the dashboard page all calls received, their phone numbers, how long they listened, and whether or not they pressed 1, are all displayed for you, plus you can download the numbers to an Excel spreadsheet file.

Do the people that press 1 receive multiple automated drip campaign texts?

No. They receive your website. This is not an email campaign. There’s a limited amount of characters that can be sent in a text. Plus, people don’t want to read hundreds of words in a text.

Can I have people that press 1 go to my capture page so they receive my email drip campaign?

Yes. That’s exactly what Press1Cash was designed for.

Are there Capture Pages Available for Press 1?

Yes. Click the Resources tab on the left when you are logged in.

Can I Use a Custom Outgoing Messages?

Yes. Custom message are available.

Is there any software to download or any technical skills I need to run this program?

No. The system is set-up for you. All you need to do is enter your instruction on how you want to get paid.

How do you get paid?

In your back office there is a Payment Box. You can add html payment button code. OR for most people you’ll just write in the payment box: PayPal me $200.00. My PayPal email address is (example) After your customer joins from your replicated Press1Cash website they are taken to the company admin payment cart to pay the one-time $97. Then automatically taken to your payment portal. Your customer will either see your payment button that you entered in the payment box or read the instructions on how to pay you. You are paid direct from your customers. Software Success, LLC and Press1Cash are not involved in the payment between you and your customer.

Can I Get More Than One SMS Phone Number?

To get another SMS phone number, you have to create another Press1Cash account as yourself as a sponsor, and pay the $97 admin fee.

How do I market Press1Cash?

Click Marketing Resources tab in your back office. They offer copy and paste ads you can post. Ringless voicemail campaigns. Recorded calls. Voice recordings. Post your replicated site in social media. Send Post cards etc.

Pays you $200 for every $297 sale.


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