Profits Passport Review – Another David Dekel Funnel?

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Profits Passport Review Summary

Profits Passport Review – It’s a high ticket “pay to play” cash grab funnel system, be prepared to pony up over $30,000 to buy ridiculously over-priced digital products so your sponsor can make big commissions from you while you re-mortgage your house and go further into debt.

Profits Passport Review

profits passports review david dekel

What is Profits Passport?

Profits Passport is a new marketing funnel system created by David Dekel. This Profits Passport review will explain it all in detail, including the compensation plan. It’s a high ticket sales funnel that promotes five different over-priced programs inside that are border line cash gifting schemes with little value or merit.

Profits Passport Website Claim:

profits passport marketing claim

Well, to get those ProfitsPassport big commissions, be prepared to shell out over $30,000 USD to buy “digital products” which cost basically nothing by the way. Don’t have $30K? No problem, they will guide to apply for credit card loans to buy bitcoin…what a bad idea!

David’s sales videos are long-winded and boring for the most part in my opinion, so I’m not sure how much it will convert into high ticket sales.

Who is David Dekel?

David Dekel is the slow talking, bald headed guy that wears the those tacky yellow glasses in the Profits Passport videos. He has created the Funnel X marketing systems, Funnel X ROI being the most popular. Since the hype faded, he has created this new one, so he can make even more money.

Profits Passport Review:

The Profits Passport funnel system promotes these 5 programs inside:

1. Easy1Up

2. Funnel X Advance

3. ROI Panel

4. Udimi

5. OPM Wealth

Profits Passport Offer #1: Easy1Up


The FIRST offer in the Profits Passport Funnel is Easy1Up created by Peter Wolfing.  Easy1Up is a borderline cash gifting scheme with digital products that cost up to $2,000. Easy1Up started in 2016, the products and website are out-dated….not much has changed since then, besides the addition of a $2,000 product level.

Easy1Up pays 100% commissions of $25, $100, $250, $500, $1000 and $2000 with a 1up compensation plan of your personal recruits.

You must pass up your 2nd sale and commission to your sponsor on the highest level you own. You can only earn commissions on levels you purchase or they will pass up again to your sponsor. For example: If you own the $500 product level, and you refer a $1000 sale, that $1000 will pass up to your sponsor.

Easy1Up Products:

Elevation – $25

Elevation Elite – $100

Vertex – $250

Vertex Elite – $500

Vertex Pro “Connect” – $1,000

Vertex “Live” – $2,000


Profits Passport Offer #2:Funnel X Advance

funnel x advance review

Funnel X Advance is a so called “pay per lead” system. You get $1 for every qualified lead.

There really isn’t much more to it then that besides the ability to earn commissions on the below “products”. They do have some an additional capture pages, done for you email series, case study etc, which is all standard with most funnels these days anyway. You can also buy traffic from their co-op to send to your FXA capture page if you want to spend extra money on marketing.

Funnel X Advance has 3 paid levels and pays 50% commissions, the other 50% will go to the owner of Funnel X Advance which is David Dekel.

Builder – $200

Super Affiliate – $597

Leader – $1,997


Profits Passport Offer #3: Roi Panel


ROI Panel is a click tracking software similar to ClickMagick with tracking links for marketing campaigns. That’s about it….

ROI Panel pay 50% Commissions and 3 levels, the other 50% will go to the owner of Funnel X Advance which is of course, David Dekel.

Beginner 3000 clicks per month – $197

Advanced 15000 clicks per month – $597

Master  65000 clicks per month – $1497

ClickMagick has so much more features and starts at $27 per month for 10000 clicks as a comparison.

Why you would want to pay almost $1500 for a basic link tracker is beyond me?



Profits Passport Offer #4: Udimi

udimi solo ad traffic review

Udimi is a managed advertising marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers of targeted solo ad traffic that you can send to your offers. It’s a popular traffic marketplace that a lot of marketers use and has been around since 1999. Udimi has traffic filters that remove bots and clean your traffic. There are thousands of sellers to choose from, so you can get higher optin rates, and you get buyer protection as well.

Udimi pays 15% commissions of all solo ad traffic orders that your referrals buy.
If your referral places orders for $1,000, you will receive $150. If they continue to make purchases, you will receive commissions again.

Udimi pays to 50% from all Prime subscriptions recurring from your referrals.
Udimi Prime costs about $30/month. If your referral subscribes to Prime, you will receive a commission on their subscription fee – every month. You’ll get 25% commission as a standard member, but if you are also a Prime member, that goes up to 50% commission. Prime monthly subscription is optional.

Instant $5 discount for every referral:
All of your referrals will receive a $5 discount on their first order from Udimi right after they register.


Profits Passport Offer #5: OPM Wealth

OPM Wealth Review

I have already done a detailed review on OPM Wealth back in December of 2019, and it was not a good review!

See my full OPM Wealth review here – OPM Wealth Review

OPM Wealth stands for Other Peoples Money Wealth. It’s a newer scam high ticket online business that pays in crypto only. They claim to teach you to get wealthy by using Other Peoples Money, which is basically means they will pressure you to finance a loan and buy their overpriced digital products that range from $2,000 up to $27,500.

Opm Wealth compensation plan is a 2 tier system (60% Tier 1 and 10% Tier 2), 20% goes to the phone closer and 10% to the company.

It’s NEVER a good idea to borrow money and go into debt to join a Crypto MLM, that you will be paying back every month for years with interest, to buy some crappy overpriced digital training products. 99% of people will lose money here and never make that money back!

Can you imagine financing a loan of $27,500 to buy bitcoin, and then paying $27,500 to buy a digital product from a company that probably won’t be around next year???


Profits Passport Review Verdict:

There is nothing wrong with a good marketing funnel system, as long as it promotes good quality, legit programs and its not a total cash grab scam. Unfortunately, Profits Passports is exactly that, a funnel that is laced with over-priced, border line cash-gifting, bad mlm programs with little merit.

If you want to participate in all the crappy programs in this funnel at the top level, it will set you back a whopping $32,994.00 USD!!! And that’s not including a marketing budget, which will cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars more.

Then, they want you to borrow money, take out a loan to buy over-priced, under-valued products.

And if you are not fully upgraded in these programs inside the funnel, you will be losing commissions and passing up sales to next qualified person in line above you.

It’s pretty clear this is just another cash/bitcoin grabbing funnel system from David Dekel who will benefit the most. He will make big commissions and most people will lose money, with little to no ROI on their overpriced mlm/bitcoin biz opps buy in, that they had to finance a loan to join.

Profits Passport is a high ticket “pay to play” cash grab funnel system. Be prepared to pony up over $30,000 to buy ridiculously over-priced digital products, just so your sponsor can make big commissions from you, while you re-mortgage your house and go further into debt.

I won’t say Profits Passport is a scam or legit. But it is not a good funnel to promote for the average person to make money online.

I do not recommend Profits Passport.

Thanks for reading my Profits Passport review!


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