Prosperity Income Network Review – Scam or Legit?

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Prosperity Income Network Review Summary

Prosperity Income Network is another high ticket online business opportunity that features “success coaches” (phone sales closers), traffic rotator, and pays you commissions with checks sent in the mail via UPS or FedEx.


prosperity income network review scam


Prosperity Income Network review – A high ticket online business opportunity that features “success coaches” (phone sales closers), traffic rotator, and pays 70-80% commissions one 1 level. PIN is not multi-level, and pays you by checks sent in the mail via UPS or FedEx.

Very similar to the Digital Income System program in many ways.

There is no info about the owners on their website, and the domain was privately registered in September 2019.

Prosperity Income Network Products are digital marketing training courses such as:

  • list building
  • solo ad training
  • email copywriting
  • split testing
  • YouTube marketing
  • Pinterest marketing
  • paid traffic training
  • product creation
  • sales funnel creation
  • media buying

You may have seen people promoting Prosperity Income Network on social media with this typical hypey marketing claims:

  • 70% – 80% commissions on all sales
  • No selling on your part
  • No talking to prospects
  • No crazy comp-plans to learn
  • Passive automated system that works
  • Success Coaches handle all sales

Prosperity Income Network is not passive, and contrary to their claims, you will have to recruit or buy a crap ton of expensive traffic and hope the offer will convert to cover your ad spend.

Or, maybe you can buy in at $25,000 and spend thousands more and make your money back? But not likely…

Prosperity Income Network claims automatic traffic is built-in via traffic rotator, how many sales come from this is unclear and probably not much as more members join and advertising costs are high. Most sales are from top leaders/marketers with big followings, not from a sales rotator.

There a 6 high ticket product levels ranging from $500 all the way up to a whopping $25,000!

Top level will cost you $25,000… Ouch that’s steep, you might need to re-mortgage your house or finance this mlm to join, which is never a good financial decision.

You might be thinking $25,000 is a lot of money and you’re right , it is! But, here’s a dirty little secret in this industry: Most of the top earners and leaders in these high ticket deals are comped in at the highest level for free. That‘s right…that means they don’t have to pay a dime to join!

You only get paid to the levels you own, so if you sell a level higher than yours, you will pass up the difference in commissions to the next qualified sponsor above you. And of course, sales closers will always try to sell the highest levels, as that’s how they get paid commissions too.

  • You must schedule a call with one of their “sales people” and give them your sponsor code  to get access to the system.

Prosperity Income Network Compensation Plan

Prosperity income network compensation plans

  • Starter – $500 + $97 admin fee, pays $350 commission
  • Deluxe – $200 + $197 admin fee, pays $1,400 commission
  • Premium – $3,000 + $297 admin fee, pays $2,450 commission
  • Master – $6,000 + $497 admin fee, pays $4,200 commission
  • Diamond Elite – $12,000 + $697 admin fee. pays $8,400 commission
  • Executive Elite – $25,000 + $997 admin fee, pays $17,500 commission

Prosperity Income Network Conclusion:

I do not recommend Prosperity Income Network. It is not a scam, but it is a high ticket expensive program with over priced digital training products that are no worth it, its borderline cash gifting, where you need to recruit other people to join.

Unless you’re a skilled and experienced marketer with a big social following or list, that can recruit a hundreds of people, then I don’t recommend this MLM for the average person looking to make money online. You most likely will not have much success or get your money back!

Online money making schemes like Prosperity Income Network usually don’t last too long before getting shut down. You will spend up to $25,000 plus advertising costs and you can potentially lose a lot of money.

Please don’t fall for these high ticket online schemes.

Save your money people!

Hope you enjoyed this Prosperity Income Network review and you avoid this disaster!


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