Sports Trading BTC Scam Review

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Sports Trading BTC Summary

Sports Trading BTC scam is a crypto ponzi scheme that claims ROI is generated from sports betting and pays you passive returns, they also pay you commissions for recruiting other people into the scam. But that is all lies for the gullible investor.

Sports Trading BTC Scam Review

sports trading btc scam review


Please read this SportsTradingBTC Review. Is Sports Trading BTC a scam?  Yes it is a 100% Ponzi scam. It is just another bitcoin doubler ponzi scheme.

UPDATE (Dec 2019) : Sports Trading BTC has changed its name to Global Credits Network.

Why? Because they don’t actually trade. Now, they are trying to do some penny auction BS to legitimize the ponzi scam. It will soon collapse again and Global Credits Network will scam out too.

Sports Trading BTC is a crypto ponzi scam that supposedly generates external ROI from sports betting and pays you passive returns, they also pay you commissions for recruiting other people into the scam.

What makes it a scam? There is no actual proof of ROI. Yes, or STB does show a “Trading Report” in the back office, but this not real verifiable proof of sports betting, it is an internal report that is easily created and manipulated, and can’t be verified externally by a third party. ROI is generated from recruitment of new money only.

The domain was privately registered for only 1 year on July 27, 2019 and expires July 27, 2020. Another telltale sign of a ponzi is a 1 year domain registration, because it will collapse and exit scam before then. Also they claim to have been around since 2016, but the domain is only 2 months old?

All of these Bitcoin passive income programs are scams and are purely money games. ROI comes from recruiting only, so once recruitment slows down, the ponzi scam will collapse, as they all do. Crypto ponzi scams are illegal and  steal billions of dollars from gullible investors. Ponzi Pimps that promote these scams do not care if they are scams, they only care about getting paid commissions from recruiting you into these ponzi scams. Once the ponzi scheme collapses, they move on to the next scam.

Sports Trading BTC Review Products:

Sports Trading BTC has no products, more proof of ponzi.

Sports Trading BTC Packages:

PackageCostBinaryDailyMax Daily
ST1.01 BTC3%up to 2%.02 BTC
ST2.025 BTC4%up to 2%.05 BTC
ST3.1 BTC5%up to 2%.2 BTC
ST4.5 BTC8%up to 2%1 BTC
ST51 BTC9%up to 2%2 BTC
ST62 BTC10%up to 2%4 BTC
ST73 BTC11%up to 2%6 BTC
ST85 BTC12%up to 2%10 BTC

Sports Trading BTC Compensation Plan

sports trading btc compensation plan

Fast Start Bonus

Level 1 – 5%

Level 2 – 3%

Level 3 – 2%

According to their website – * The Fast Start Bonus is eligible on packages ST5 and above, this means you need to invest a minimum of 1 BTC in order to earn the fast start bonus.

Monthly Trading Bonus

In addition to the daily returns you will also receive a monthly bonus. The total monthly ROI is calculated and applied to the total value of your package. IE if 1.2% is made for the month, you get paid a bonus of 1.2% of your package amount.

Binary Pay

Step 1:

To earn Binary Pay you must qualify by recruiting at least 2 people. One sale must be on the right side of your binary, and one sale on the left side of your binary, at any package level. Once you complete this qualification you are now fully qualified to earn Binary Pay.

Step 2:

To earn Binary Pay you will take all of the volume on your right and left legs, and combine it. The volume on the weaker leg will then be multiplied by the percentage of the package you choose to purchase.

Sports Trading BTC Conclusion:

This scam reminds me of the BetRobot telegram bot scam that stole millions of dollars when it scammed out. BetRobot also claimed to generate external ROI from sports betting. But in the end, it was all smoke and mirrors and they pulled an exit scam with millions of dollars.

If you believe that they are actually sports betting to generate passive returns, then I got some nice land to sell you in Florida too!

The Sports Trading BTC scam will not last past 6 months before it collapses.

This is such an obvious scam…

Don’t be a gullible investor….Save your bitcoin!

Hope you enjoyed this Sports Trading BTC review.



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