The Fearless Momma Review 2020

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The Fearless Momma is a new instant funnel system that is supposed to pay you $250 commissions within 72 hours. But it is ultimately just a front end funnel that leads you into a high ticket program call Six Figure Empire which costs up $6,250!

The Fearless Momma Review

fearless momma review

What is The Fearless Momma ?

The Fearless Momma is a new instant funnel system that is supposed to pay you $250 commissions within 72 hours. It’s a “done for you system” that’s ready to go right out of the box featuring q capture page, DFY follow up emails,  training and pays 100% commission with no admin fees?

But it is ultimately just a front end funnel that leads you into a high ticket program call Six Figure Empire which costs up $6,250!

Check out my Fearless Momma Review Video:

Who is the real Fearless Momma?

The real fearless momma is Tammy Montgomery. She created this program with the help of Tim Berger of Six Figure Empire. Tammy is a 6-7 figure earner in the mlm space. Of Tammy’s many business promotions, she is also known for promoting ponzi scams and jumping from one program to another, dragging her gullible followers with her.

This is a program where you can begin earning $250 commissions online from home within 72 hours, so they claim? But not the case, 99.9% of people will not make $350 commissions in 72 hours.
* 100% commission on the $250
* No admin fee
* No monthly fee
* No pass ups
* Weekly Zoom member training
* Growing and supportive Facebook Group – (Where she cross recruits into other programs)
* Powerful marketing mastermind products – (Not really)

Step 1: Lead Flow

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“They show you their exact lead sources, ad swipes, proven action steps that will literally have your in-boxes flooded with new leads.” – ( They don’t convert very well)

Step 2: Cash Flow

The Fearless Momma Review 2020 2

They take those new leads and immediately put a IRRESISTIBLE HYPER ATTRACTIVE OFFER in front of them, i.e., “How To Make $250 In The Next 72 Hours” – (just a a marketing claim)

Step 1:

The Fearless Momma Review 2020 3

You sign up for a FREE Stripe account. If you have an existing Stripe account, then use it. Otherwise, you’ll sign up for an account, which takes about 5 minutes to complete. (Stripe is banning most of the Fearless Momma accounts and does not allow mlms)

Step 2: Collect

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Each sale our system tracks and completes for you, you collect 100% of the $250 payment. Which means if Bob buys from you, you get the $250, paid directly to you, even at 4:00 AM while your sleeping. (True, if you can find a payment processor that does not shut your account down)

Step 3: Get Paid

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Your money typically shows up inside of 2 business days from Stripe, automatically. There are no configurations, installs or downloads required. (And they they ban your account)

The Fearless Momma 2.0 Products

10 + years of proven money making skill sets, knowledge bombs, secret tactics and specialized marketing training that produces predictable results?

The Fearless Momma Training Program

The Fearless Momma Review 2020 6

Module #1: How to start from $0 and go to $100K +

In this Module you’ll learn:

  • How to create a new paradigm shift so you move from thinking “I can’t do this” to “How much can I earn this week”.
  • So what if you’re over-weight, lack confidence and are sleeping in your parents basement? Which by the way, was me 10 years ago. Today, I just bought a new home in Arizona, compliments of my internet income systems. Let me show what it is that I do so you can do it too.
  • Screw ups… mistakes… lost money… crying in the bathroom… Yep, all part of the online marketing experience. As you’ll have good days and bad days. So don’t sweat it. Here’s how to over-come the inevitable obstacles coming your way. Hint… when you’re aware of what the obstacles are, it’s easy to spot them coming your way!

Module #2: You can’t be serious? You really make that much!

In this Module you’ll learn:

  • A secret that says if you want to attract more money, then you yourself don’t have to become “attractive”. All you have do is put yourself in the path of the money so the money flows to you v/s someone else. So powerful and oh so simple implement!
  • How to get around having a negative or non-supporting spouse / significant other and get him or her to become your #1 advocate
  • Lets be real with each other… some folks are just douches and dweebs who have nothing better to do than to make every attempt to steal your dream of freedom and abundance out from underneath you. Fortunately, I have the antidote that will squash the skeptics and nay-sayers in their tracks.

Module #3: My magic transformation from the couch to 5K runs

In this Module you’ll learn:

  • You can’t just sit there and visualize your life will change. You gotta move. You gotta take action. You need to be able to free up some time, so you can change yourself into the new you. I know a few tricks that can help you maximize your day for maximum results.
  • But I’m too busy… I’ve got kids… spouse…sick dog… aging parents… a motor in the backyard that I haven’t touched since 2015. Blah, blah, blah. Listen, you can make excuses or you can make money. Which will it be?
  • Whatever your pains are, think about that right now. You want to resolve your pain? Let me help you.
  • Life is too short. Good people die everyday, be them friends, family, co-workers, etc.. You can sit there and marinate in your own pool of self pity or you can choose to use that experience as fuel, to help you change. I’ll help you with that as well.

Module #4: The “New” Office

In this Module you’ll learn:

  • You’ll no longer have to be stuck inside of a cubicle, forced to chow down your food within a 30 minute window, and have to live within the confines of (2) 10 minute breaks through the out. Starting this week, your new office will be your vehicle.
  • You’ll be able to place ads on Facebook and Instagram, while sitting in your vehicle. You’ll be able to do live videos from your car, that build rapport and connections with folks from around the globe. You’ll be able to call + text + email + video chat any and all of your leads, from your new “office”.
  • You’ll be able to collect direct payments sent by ways such as Walmart-2-Walmart and Money Gram, all while you’re dropping off your kids for a birthday party on Friday afternoon.

Module #5: When The Shit Hits The Fan

In this Module you’ll learn:

  • The easiest way to overcome adversity and challenges is to predict them in advance of happening. So the real secret here is too know in advance that all hell will break loose on you, ie, accts will be shut down, you’ll lose a sale, money will get held up, etc… Best solution… be as prepared as you can be and quite literally “expect the unexpected”. This way you won’t be knocked down like your competition is, who’s wandering the Internet Hallways, clueless and unaware.
  • The Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared”. So taking a page out of their playbook, we’ll look at how you can weaponize yourself, your systems and your income streams, so the empire you’re building, doesn’t crumble to the ground around you.
  • One of the best ways to avoid chaos and losing everything, is by focusing on learning new marketing skills, such as how to place ads that collect new leads. No one can ever take away your knowledge, therefore, you can always make money, even if the shit does hit the fan.

Module #6: If I Had To Start All Over

In this Module you’ll learn:

  • You suddenly losing everything. What do you do? How do you recover?
  • Well, for starters, rarely do you ‘suddenly’ lose everything. An income is usually a downward spiral of bad decisions, procrastination and loss of focus coming into reality.
  • The good news to all of the above is that even (IF) you did lose it all, there is a road-map to get it all back, and fast. We’re talking within days, not months or years.
  • It’s a secret income weapon, that a few (privileged) folks know about, one that can literally short cut time lost and money spent.

Module #7: 5 Keys That Unlock Big Ticket Sales

In this Module you’ll learn:

  • What the Guru’s in MLM / Shopify / eCommerce don’t want you to know
  • Why leveraging a good converting sales process can mean the difference between 10 hour days and 10 hour work weeks.
  • How to set up your daily operations so you’re maximum income efficient.

BONUS #1: How to make your 1st $250 in just 72 hours

A game-plan so you can start collecting your own $250 payments. Believe me, nothing and I repeat (NOTHING) takes the place of live, inter-active training, so you can learn exactly how to get yourself positioned to finally start winning the game of money.

With this training, you’ll be able to go and start collecting $250 sales this week.

BONUS #2: Can This Simple (3) Part Equation Really Make You A Millionaire?

Inside, they pull back the curtain on how success boils down to basically 2 parts. When you’re moving forward with these 2 parts in hand, success is virtually guaranteed.

BONUS #3: Amateur v/s Professional – Who wins the pot of gold?

The stone cold facts are this… you have those who make money online and you have those who don’t. Obviously those who are making the money are doing something that those who are not making money are not doing. The above is pretty much a “DUH” statement but one that represents a major divide, between the haves and the have nots.

So lets do something about it, shall it. How about a 8:41 video that reveals the (1) thing a professional money maker is doing that the amateur money maker is completely clueless about.

This (1) video, if you watch nothing else, is a game changer.

BONUS #4: How to leverage O.P.M to your favor

The rich have known something for years and its this… When you want to spend money, spend someone else’s!

Inside this bonus module, I go deep into credit territory, showing you how you can start using O.P.M. (Other Peoples Money) to get what you want!

BONUS #5: How to travel the world, sleep in 5-star villas and collect big, fat checks in the mail!

Being able to travel (have freedom), being able to sleep in 5 star resorts (like the rich and famous) and still be able to produce an income (no financial stress) is living a truly blessed life.

One that is within your grasp (IF) you open yourself up to a new set of ideas and money making information that contradicts probably everything you’ve seen and heard to date. But just give them 6 minutes of your time and they will open a new set of doors for you, that you thought could never have been opened.

The Fearless Momma, with its $250 instant commissions, Vault access, all of the bonuses, including the live weekly coaching call on how to make $250 sales, is worth the entry price of $250.

Please review The Fearless Momma Asked Questions section.

Question: Do I need to any prior experience?

Answer: No, you do not. Most of customers are individuals who are new to the online marketing arena, make money niche. So there’s no prior skills or experience needed.

Question: Do I have to buy Fearless Momma for $250 to make the $250?

Answer: Yes. Basically what you’re getting is a resell license to market and utilize the Fearless Momma system, products and 100% commission structure.

Question: I like stuff that’s free. Do you have anything ‘ free?

Answer: Sure. The initial training video will you how to make your 1st $250 in 72 hours.

Question: I’ve been burned in MLM programs, gifting scams, etc.. why is this any different?

Answer: Not everything out there is a scam. There are a lot of good programs and systems available, that can help you make the money online and give you time freedom.

Fearless Momma is one of the good ones. They deliver a quality product, a great system that can be easily set up to produce results in days, not weeks and above all else, they actually support customers, to help them get the success.

Question: Do I have to spend my day doing Facebook lives, posting videos, chatting up strangers to buy on social media?

Answer: NO, they use powerful, 100 + year old direct response marketing principles to attract and collect commissions on auto-pilot with DFY system. Besides, they have families, kids, other responsibilities, etc… so expecting others to have the time to sit around and post all day isn’t in the framework.

Question: I don’t have $250. I’m broke, behind on rent. What can i do?

Answer: Get a job. Get your finances in order, and then come back here.

Question: Am I guaranteed to make money with this program?

Answer: No, you are not. There are no guarantees of income, given or implied. Anyone who does guarantee you money, is a huckster and a scam artist, because not only is it illegal to make such income claims, it’s also unethical.

Question: Is there upsells?

Answer: Yes, but they are optional and go up to $6,250 ouch!

Fearless Momma is just a lead funnel into Six Figure Empire which has 3 levels: $1,250, $3,750 and $6,250 plus $29.95 per month.



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