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Up2Give Review Summary

Up2Give is a cash gifting scam disguised as a philanthropic crowdfunding donations system. In reality, Up2Give is a recruitment based, pyramid scheme with no real product or service.

Up2Give Review

up2give review scam

What is Up2Give?

Up2Give is a cash gifting scam disguised as a philanthropic crowdfunding donations system. Their misguided marketing and messaging is all brainwashing BS about how they are humanitarian, helping and giving to people.

In reality, the Up2Give scam is a recruitment based, cash gifting mlm with no real product or service. You must donate and pay in order to receive donations yourself.

Now, crowd funding is not illegal. Giving/receiving cash gifts without the giver expecting something in return is legal.

However, Participating in a cash-gifting system where you gift someone in order to qualify to be gifted by other people is illegal.

Payment are all peer to peer via bitcoin only. This means no refunds or recourse once payment is made. Giving a payment or so called “donation” does not mean that you will automatically get a payment back. Payments or “donations” made to you, are based on you recruiting other people into the pyramid scheme.

Many ponzi pushers and commission junkies are promoting this Up2Give scam, as its bitcoin in and bitcoin out, so they are trying to get as much bitcoin donations as possible from you. Do not fall for this garbage.

Who are the CEO’s / founders of Up2Give?

Up2Give’s main CEO and founder is Jerry Lopez, partnered with Andreas Kartrud and Sean E Star. They claim Up2Give was 4 years in the making. Up2Give is currently in pre-launch and official lunch will be in January 2020.

The founders do not have a good track record. Andreas Kartrud has been involved in multiple crypto scams including Wo Token wallet scam, Onecoin, Swisscoin and many others. Jerry Lopez was involved in several failed health products MLMs before getting into some crypto scams like Dunamis and now Up2Give. I could not find much info on Sean Starr yet, I checked his facebook profile as he is associated with a few serial ponzi scammers, but I will update this post as I find out more.

Up2Give Products

Upg2Give does not have any real products or services.

The Giving Box

They do have a Giving Box, which is where you receive payments/donations, which is not a real product. The Giving Box will cost you $32.00 worth of BTC per month.

The Giving Box starts all over every month. You maintain your place in the box IF you do the following:

  • Pay your $32.00 user fee & .005 BTC toward the cause in your back office before midnight on the 2nd of month.
  •  Once you have completed your first step, you will have 24 hours to give toward your next level, after the first 24 hours are over. This will happen the first 6 days of the month to give every Giving Box user enough time to return to where they left off the previous month without anyone trying to skip over their position.
  •  If you had an emergency and could not get to the computer on time to get your .005 BTC and your $32.00 paid, there will be available what’s called “SAVE A CAUSE TAB”. This tab is designed for your sponsor to be able to pay on your behalf, to maintain the qualification of your position before the time expires.
  • After the first 6 days of holding patterns are over, the system continues normally. This feature will remain ACTIVE throughout the month for every user achieving new levels of giving, allowing them 24 hours to give toward the next level.
  • In the event that you miss your deadline of the 24 hours, the system will allow you to get back in anytime during the MONTH but you will lose your placement for that month if skipped. Keeping that in mind, If the user does not GIVE before the month ends, they will lose their position permanently.

The Giving Box will also have a “Simply Giving Tab” so someone can give/donate without being a member of Up2Give. Which still does not legitimize the cash gifting pyramid scheme.

Up2Give Compensation Plan

Up2Give compensation plan or :donation” plan is a forced and compressed 2×6 matrix.

Minimum is $32 monthly fee and 0.005 btc donation – Total about $82 USD.

Maximum earning from 0.005 btc is 64 btc monthly.

Level 1: 2 x 2 = 4
Level 2: 4 x 4 = 16
Level 3: 8 x 8 = 64
Level 4: 16 x 16 = 256
Level 5: 32 x 32 =1,064
Level 6: 64 x 64 = 4,096
Total = 5,460

Each person has their own 2×6 matrix and there is one big company-wide matrix that starts with the company founder(Jerry Lopez) who will make the most money, along with the co-founders and their manually placed friends and selected leaders.

See images below for detailed comp plan:

up2give compensation 2 levels

up2give compensation plan level 3

up2give compensation level 4

up2give compensation level 5

up2give compensation level 6

Up2Give Conclusion

Up2Give is simply an illegal cash gifting matrix scam disguised as “Donations” or “Crowd Funding”. You make a donations and in return you receive donations by recruiting others into the ponzi scheme.

Once recruitment slows down, the scheme will eventually collapse. Many will lose money and never get it back, but the company and people at the top of the pyramid will make a lot of money from the gullible and desperate people that join below.

Up2Give..? More like Up2Scam!

Please don’t fall for these bitcoin cash gifting online schemes.

Save your bitcoin people!

Hope you enjoyed this Up2Give review and you avoid this scam!


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