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WP Affiliate Suite Review Summary

WP Affiliate Suite is a complete A-Z system on affiliate marketing with WordPress. They show you the proper way how to create profitable affiliate websites using WordPress.

WP Affiliate Suite Review – WordPress Affiliate Marketing System

wp affiliate suite review

What is WP Affiliate Suite?


WP Affiliate Suite is a complete A-Z system on affiliate marketing with WordPress. They show you the proper way how to create profitable affiliate websites using WordPress. But it gets even better! You also get a premium high converting, fully SEO’d WordPress affiliate marketing theme that’s ready to go and use as your very own.

This is where WP Affiliate Suite can make your life much easier even if you’re completely new to affiliate marketing.

A Look Inside WP Affiliate Suite

WP Affiliate Review. Let’s look at what you actually get inside this course.  At first I wasn’t expecting much simply because it only costs $16.95.  Seriously though, I’ve paid over $1,000 for affiliate marketing training that didn’t teach me what WP Affiliate Suite does and this is one of the best ways to make money online with affiliate marketing.

The training sections are broken up nicely, and not too long, straight to the point with no fluff, so it’s super easy to find exactly what you need to learn, even if you want to skip some videos.  Also remember, there are some additional OTO’s that can be purchased to add much more content to your membership. I’ll talk more about those a bit later.

WP Affiliate Suite Video

You’ll find a video demo of the course here..

WP Affiliate Suite Content:

For the price $16.95, here’s what you get:

  • Affiliate marketing training videos
  • WordPress training videos
  • Custom WordPress Marketing theme (this is one of the best affiliate themes I’ve seen, and well worth the $17 price tag alone)

This is a no-brainer and the training is VERY WELL laid out and covers everything you need to know to get started and earning online with affiliate marketing through your very own website.

You’ll find several videos that go into detail with affiliate marketing such as:

  • Types of keywords to focus on (amazing video)
  • Using affiliate links
  • Best types of affiliate networks and programs
  • and much more..



Learn how affiliate marketing works and how you can build a thriving and profitable business promoting other peoples products and services.

  • What is affiliate marketing and does it really work?
  • What affiliate networks are good to start with?
  • How to get approved for affiliate networks.
  • How to find profitable niches and keywords to rank for.
  • What keywords convert the best for product reviews.


  • Learn all about domains and hosting.
  • How to install WP through cPanel.
  • How to customize & edit the included WP theme.
  • SEO services in Sydney can teach you how to write SEO optimized product reviews.
  • Setting up your newsletter for building an email list.
  • How to get your reviews indexed and ranked in Google.
  • How to cloak (hide) your affiliate links.
  • Adding banners and ads to your website.
  • Setting up analytics to track your visitors.


WP Affiliate Suite ThemeYou will get a fully customized affiliate marketing theme when you purchase WP Affiliate Suite.  It’s ready for you to upload and grow into your own site!

  • Includes a variety of logos & backgrounds to choose from.
  • Banner already added, just add your affiliate ID.
  • Contact, about, terms..etc. pages already created.
  • Menus and categories already created.
  • … and much more.


wp affiliate suite dfy themes

In a hurry or don’t have time to start from scratch every time you build a new website?  No problem!

They have 50+ DFY niche-based WordPress themes in the shop that are already filled with content and ready for you to take over and grow.

These loaded WordPress themes are a great way to get a website up and running fast or even to get approved for affiliate and CPA offers.

Pre-Loaded Niche Templates Come With:

  • High Quality Mobile Optimized Theme ($45 value)
  • Custom Logo (Up to a $50 value)
  • High Quality Stock Photos ($75 value)
  • Relevant Articles ($50-100 value)
  • Table of Contents Plugin for better optimization
  • Newsletter Integration (Just add your own code)
  • Relevant Banner Ads (Just add your affiliate ID’s)
  • Contact, About, DisclosureTerms and Privacy Pages
  • Home Page Sliding Banner
  • Social Sharing Integration
  • and much more.

And don’t worry, you’ll be guided you every step of the way from downloading, uploading, editing the templates and optimizing them for ranking in search engines.

WP Affiliate Suite OTO’s and Upsells

The course itself is amazing and exactly what you need to get up and running making money quickly with ease, but you will have the option to really expand and take full advantage of building affiliate websites with the upsells.  I ended up getting all of them and don’t regret it at all.. in fact, I am working on my 6th website now.

OTO #1 Advanced SEO Strategies ($47):

This is really good and goes into detail on how to do advanced SEO ranking strategies for your site.  Some of these strategies are free and you can take advantage of right now to get much higher rankings.

But seriously, don’t expect to build a website on weight loss and rank for it.. you have to be realistic.  Some companies pay millions a year to rank for that term.

Not only does Chris teach methods you can implement NOW to help increase your rankings, but he even shows some software tools he uses to rank for some pretty competitive terms.  These tools do cost extra and are optional but can help you rank for much more competitive keywords.

OTO #2 Coupon Affiliate Strategy ($47):

This strategy is unlike any other and has resulted in me increasing my commissions drastically!  You will learn how to earn commissions from your visitors even after they leave your website and buy from another.

At the same time, you will instantly earn trust and credibility with the visitor.  I don’t see anyone use this technique and it’s very powerful to say the least.

It also includes Chris’s custom WP theme specifically created for this strategy.

OTO #3 DFY Niche Sites ($197):

These are GREAT!  There are over 50 done-for-you WordPress themes in a lot of niches you can get access to for 75% off the price you will pay in the Niche Shop.  These themes already have logos, articles, professional stock photos, categories, banners and more.  They are ready for you to upload and start your own site.

You will get access to all the DFY themes plus any future themes added AND commercial rights so you can use them for your clients sites.

They also are a great way to get approved by affiliate networks.

Just install one of these pre-loaded niche themes, add a bit of your own content and reviews to go with what’s already there and you’re all set!

In the niche shop with WP Affiliate Suite, all these DFY themes cost $15 each.  But if you buy them during the upsell, you can save up to 75% on them.

Who is WP Affiliate Suite For?

What’s great about this course is that it’s made for all levels of affiliate marketers.  If you are completely new to affiliate marketing, you can start from the very beginning.  If you are more experienced, you can skip some videos and start setting up your websites right away!

The DFY themes are a great option as it helps with those who are more restrained on time.  The DFY themes can be uploaded onto your WordPress site in a matter of minutes and ready to go. You will only need to spend a few hours adding your own content to the site to grow it.

WP Affiliate Suite Bonuses

wp affiliate suite bonusesNow you can also get a list of 50,000 of the top niche keywords with CPC volume data as a bonus when you buy WP Affiliate Suite through this link.

Buy WP Affiliate Suite today and you’ll also get access to this massive list of 50,000 top niche keywords.  Perfect for affiliate marketing, local marketing, or just brainstorming new niche ideas!

Each keyword includes an “estimated highest CPC”.

WP Affiliate Suite Conclusion:

Here’s my final thoughts in this WP Affiliate Review.  If you want a REAL affiliate marketing business, you need to learn how to build your own website and do it the right way in order to succeed.

With WP Affiliate Suite, you get the training you need to not only build your own WP site, but how to grow a long-term and sustainable, profitable affiliate marketing business that you can be proud of to call your own.

The DFY themes are a brilliant addition that will help you to get started quickly in creating sites in a variety of niches from health to marriage or even survival and home improvement.

Honestly, I wish I had found something like this years ago. And don’t be intimidated by the low price of $16.95.  At first I thought it was going to be just “another course”.. but I was wrong.

Pick it up today for less than the price of a nice dinner: www.wpaffiliatesuite.com.

Thank you for reading this WP Affiliate Review.


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