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XOXO Network Review Summary

XOXO Network review- It is a ponzi scam – nothing more then an Ethereum based matrix cycler program aka a giant pyramid scheme.

XOXO Network Review

xoxo network review scam

Are you looking for a current XOXO Network review? Is it a scam or legit? Have you seen someone promoting this as a way to earn unlimited Ethereum on Facebook or YouTube like it was the best thing since sliced bread? I’ll review the details of XOXO Network including the products, the company, and the compensation plan in this XOXO Network review.

What is XOXO Network?

XOXO Network is simply an Ethereum based cash gifting matrix cycler program. Officially launched on May 20, 2020 using fancy marketing lingo like smart contracts, decentralized, global autopools, P2P, blah blah blah.

In reality, XOXO Network is nothing but a crypto based matrix cycler ponzi scam aka pyramid scheme.

XOXO Network uses Ethereum as the only method of payment which are member to member.

There is no information listed anywhere about the CEO or creators. The domain was XOXO.run was privately registered on April 4, 2020 for 1 year hosted on a shared hosting plan.

From XOXO Network’s website they self describe as:

XOXO NETWORK is the ultimate decentralized P2P global powerline networking system, built on an ethereum blockchain technology.
The system is simple, secure and lucrative.

Here is XOXO Network’s hypey claims from their marketing:

  • Unstoppable Protocol
  • P2P Multi Payment System
  • 7 Global Autopools
  • Ethereum Smart Contract
  • Impossible to Scam/Hack
  • Earn Unlimited Ethereum
  • 0.1 ETH Start Up
  • No Risk High Returns
  • Unlimited Referral Bonus

Sounds fancy huh?? It’s not really, under the hood, its just a pyramid scheme.

XOXO Network Products Review

XOXO Network has no products at all.

This is more proof that this is just simply a money game, in other words it’s an Ethereum based gifting pyramid scheme.

Pay Ethereum to join for the ability to refer other suckers, to get paid Ethereum so they can do the same.

Brainwashed marketer commission junkees convince people it’s all legit, because its handled with smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Don’t be fooled by all the smoke and mirrors,  its still an illegal pyramid scheme.

XOXO Network Compensation Plan

There are 7 Global Powerline Autopools. Autopool is just a fancy word for Matrix.

Start up amount is 0.1 ETH


You pay 0.1 ETH into Autopool 1 under your sponsor and its distributed 4 levels up by supposed smart contract protocols.

Every new user pays entry amount to previous joined user 100% from user’s wallet to user’s wallet. (Peer to Peer / P2P)

To qualify for earnings from autopool 1 member needs to personally recruit at least 1 person.

Level 1 – every member earns 50% from their direct referrals on their entry amount of 0.1 ETH that pays you 0.05 ETH, received from all level 1 referrals (direct referrals)

Level 2 – member earns 25% from the 2nd line of their network  25% from their entry amount 0.1 ETH that pays you 0.025 ETH, received From all level 2 referrals (referrals of your direct referrals)

Level 3 – member earns 15% from the 3rd line of their network 15% from their entry amount 0.1 ETH that pays you 0.015 ETH, received from all level 3 referrals (indirect referrals of your network)

Level 4 – member earns 10% from the 4th line of their network 10% from their entry amount 0.1 ETH that pays you 0.01 ETH, received from all level 4 referrals (indirect referrals of your network)

Once a member completes the Autopool 1 he or she will earn back their 0.1 ETH and Autopool 1 will be opened for a lifetime with no re-entries but can still earn 50% commission on level 1.

XOXO Network Global Autopools

Now from Autopool 2, structure is a different system. It is a Global Powerline or straight line Autopool system from the whole company and everyone that joins.

Entry amounts below from autopool 2 to 7 is paid to previously joined users based on timestamp and recorded on Ethereum blockchain.

* Global Autopool is single line structure is based on first come first served protocol.
* To earn Autopool 1 : One (1) direct referral necessary.
* To enter Autopool 2-7 : No Direct Referral necessary.
* Autopool 2 to 7 need no direct referrals necessarily to participate. However, 1 direct referral is required on Autopool 1 which qualifies you to participate in any global Autopool of your choice.

From Autopool 2 to 7 has automatic re-entry “smart contract” on the Ethereum blockchain network. Once a member cycles out from a particular Autopool/matrix, part of their earnings is paid back into that same Autopool for re-entry.

In addition on Autopool 2 to 7, there is a 50% referral commissions paid to sponsor, on each time their referral buys into a global autopool.

xoxo network global autopool

* Autopool 2
start up cost for entry is 0.2 ETH
50% of 0.2 ETH (0.1 ETH) is paid to sponsor.
Level 1 – 3 x 0.1 ETH = 0.3 ETH
Automatic re-entry = 0.2 ETH (2 Re-entry positions added)
Profit = 0.1 ETH

* Autopool 3
start up cost for entry is 0.3 ETH
50% of 0.3 ETH (0.15 ETH) is paid to sponsor.
Level 1 – 3 x 0.15 ETH = 0.45 ETH
Automatic re-entry = 0.3 ETH (1 re-entry position added)
Profit = 0.15 ETH

* Autopool 4
start up cost for entry is 0.4 ETH
50% of 0.4 ETH (0.2 ETH) is paid to sponsor.
Level 1 – 3 x 0.2 ETH = 0.6 ETH
Automatic re-entry = 0.4 ETH (1 re-entry position added)
Profit = 0.2 ETH

* Autopool 5
start up cost for entry is 0.5ETH
50% of 0.5 ETH (0.25 ETH) is paid to sponsor.
Level 1 – 3 x 0.25 ETH = 0.75 ETH
Automatic re-entry = 0.5 ETH (1 re-entry position added)
Profit = 0.25 ETH

* Autopool 6
start up cost for entry is 0.7 ETH
50% of 0.7 ETH (0.35 ETH) is paid to sponsor.
Level 1 – 3 x 0.35 ETH = 1.05 ETH
Automatic re-entry = 0.7 ETH (1 re-entry position added)
Profit = 0.35 ETH

* Autopool 7
start up cost for entry is 1 ETH
50% of 1 ETH (0.5 ETH) is paid to sponsor.
Level 1 – 3 x 0.5 ETH = 1.5 ETH
Automatic re-entry = 1 ETH (1 re-entry position added)
Profit = 0.5 ETH

How Much Does XOXO Network Cost To Join?

The entry fee is 0.1 ETH. This will place you in Autopool #1.

Autopool #2 costs 0.2 ETH.
Autopool #3 costs 0.3 ETH.
Autopool #4 costs 0.4 ETH.
Autopool #5 costs 0.5 ETH.
Autopool #6 costs 0.7 ETH.
Autopool #7 costs 1.0 ETH.

Total to join all Autopools is 3.2 ETH which is approximately $650 USD. At time of writing this review article, 1 ETH value is $204 USD.

You must recruit at least 1 person to open up pools #2 thru #7, which you can just buy into without recruiting.

XOXO Network Scam

XOXO Network is nothing more than a matrix cycler ethereum based pyramid scheme.

It’s marketed with fancy lingo and as a way to earn passive income due to matrix re-entry, however it is not passive, as you will have to constant recruit and it needs a steady stream of new money to keep the Global Autopool going, or else the Global Autopools will stall out, not complete their cycles and stop paying.

Most of the money will be made at the top of the Global straight line matrix pyramid, from the owners, the owners friends and the big recruiters that are experienced in promoting these lame ponzi scams to suckers to gain mass amounts of Ethereum. Meanwhile, the people at the bottom will be left holding the empty bag and receive little to no payout and lose their money.

Don’t be gullible, save your Ethereum, and do not join the XOXO Network scam.

Hope you enjoyed this XOXO Network review!


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